Monday, January 7, 2013

TWI {vs. 12}

This weekend, I had a little date after work on Friday with my husband. We went to Outback & it was DELISH! We also realized the last time we were there was on our third date where we left realizing, "he/she is NOT the one." .... oh, how wrong we were!!! We left our waitress  a fantastic tip, just because we wanted to make her day...i hope we did! :)
 {so silly}

 This weekend, I came home after our date to a fun package in the mail. It was a SURPRISE from my bloggie bestie, Laura. She MADE this scarf!! And i am in LOVE!!!!! 

A few hours later, this arrived. My new TOMS. I have never owned TOMS or really understood the big deal about TOMS, but my work gave us a gift card for Christmas. So i got some. And i instantly understood. They are PURE COMFORT. I am in love with mine. You can't see them, but there are some sparklies!

This weekend, I went to the farmer's market, and got some broccoli, cauliflower, kale, green onions, naval oranges, & strawberries. HECK YES! Starting the year off RIGHT... now to cook it & eat it! (So far i have only had the fruits... both SOOO good!)

This weekend, I stepped in a huge puddle when i got to church, covering one entire foot & splashing the other with freezing cold rain water. It put me in a really bad mood. Ha!

I guess that's about it? Had a great weekend, besides the puddle issue! 

How was your weekend?!

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