Saturday, February 9, 2013

Breaking News!

If you read my post yesterday, you know i am VERY VERY excited! But about what, maybe you weren't so sure!?!?

Well, the news is now OFFICIAL, so i can tell you... 

{yes, i know there is a typo. i promise that was the flower place, not Aaron! Haha}

Um, yeah. I got a JOB! Not only a new job, but a job working for Aaron of Eye Wander Photo!!!!! Basically the really cool & hilarious guy that i was taking photography classes from is now going to be my BOSS! WHAT! 


They sent me flowers. FLOWERS! What kind of a new company sends you flowers to welcome you!? This one does! 

And no - i didn't shine in that photography class so much that he decided he had to have me immediately as a second shooter. HA! :) No, honestly, i JOKED with him asking if he needed an admin assistant & he said, 'Actually...I do!" Um. Say what??? Since then, it's been constant texting & calling & emailing to figure this out. The main thing was figuring out insurance for me, because i have to have it. But i got it figured out. And y'all - the way everything fell into place...the way every problem that came up was immediately resolved... the way all of this has unfolded...has been an obvious God-thing! He did this for me! God did! And i am SO THANKFUL! 

What is crazy is Aaron seems just as stoked as i do. (I never say the word, "stoked". But i just did. I think that is what this insane good news has done to me. Ha!)

 ANYWAY. I am going to be his administrative assistant! I will be working with clients, making them feel like family, sending them thank you notes, following up with them, making sure they are happy. I will be helping with designs & editing at some point, too. I will be keeping up with his database. And his BLOG! Hahaha! And a whole lot more, i don't even know what all! 

It is a steady 40-hour a week job. Monday - Friday. I may occasionally need to go on shoots with him, if his mom or wife can't (they both work for the company, too), but i am TOTALLY fine with that - and even hope to get to do it sometimes! 

There are about a million reasons why I know this is the perfect job for me! Everything about it has been smooth.  Total peace. Today i let my boss know i would be leaving, and she was completely supportive. 

My last day at my current job is February 22, and i start with Aaron on February 25th! Which happens to be my birthday week! I was worried this would be a crappy birthday - but now i think it might actually be one of the very best! :) 

ANYWAY - this has been something in discussion for almost 2 weeks, so... i am so glad to say it is finally OFFICIAL!



  1. Oh Melissa, how exciting! It sounds like its going to be a great place to work!

  2. Congrats!! This is so exciting! Hopefully you can keep learning and get behind the camera with them someday sooon!

  3. Congrats!! This is so exciting! Hopefully you can keep learning and get behind the camera with them someday sooon!


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