Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My first photo shoot: Kelly & Nate

In the middle of my photography classes, i started really wanting to practice more on PEOPLE. I feel like i am always practicing on nature or wildlife - and i LOVE that- but i never really had much opportunity to practice on people, except Brad or Fievel (oh, wait. He's a dog, not a person. I forget.). :)

Of course, I always had my camera at events, but that is not the same as an actual photo shoot. So at some point, i had some volunteers, and Kelly was the first! I met her and her son on January 23rd and we had a quick little photo shoot!

I feel like so many of the photos from that day are out of focus - even ones that i originally thought were in focus! This is largely due to the fact that i was having some sort of mental block with shutter speed! I just couldn't get it fast like it needed to be! But i have since learned SO MUCH! :) So hopefully you'll see LOTS of improvement in future posts! But i still wanted to document this one! Even the blurry ones show you just how cute this mother/son duo are!

{Kelly & Nate}

This next two are such a cute natural poses to me... but blurry! Ahhh! Next time. :) 

Ahhh! I was so bummed about that! :(

So these were not my best, but i definitely learned through it & couldn't wait to do it again!! :) And she has promised i could use them as models anytime i want! Yeah!

Stay tuned... I'll be catching up on photography-related posts in the days ahead!

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