Thursday, February 28, 2013

One week down!

Well, today was Day 4 on the new job, and i am amazed that it already has gotten so much easier. It was never awful or anything, of course not! But i think you could tell from my last post that i was a little overwhelmed. That I had no idea what to do or how to do it! 

I knew that's how it would be... it just kind of comes with the territory with a new place of employment. But it still kinda had me freaked out for an evening or two! Thanks SO much for all your comments on that last post, because MAN! You all totally understood, and reassured me that it would get easier! Or sympathized with the dreaded adjustment period at a new job. So thank you!! :) 

So yeah - Monday & Tuesday, i felt pretty lost. Overwhelmed. And like, "I know i should be doing SOMETHING! I just don't know WHAT! Or how!" 

But Wednesday & Thursday were better. A lot better. Got some stuff figured out, got trained on a few things, and got to work! My boss, the photographer, was on location for most of both days, so i didn't get to see him much. But he'll be there tomorrow & hopefully will see that i am learning! We're having a staff meeting tomorrow at 9 am. And that'll be good, too.

{in no particular order!}

1. It's fun. I mean... we talk about wedding pictures all day. And baby pictures. And engagement ones. We laugh. We crack up. We joke around. There IS stress & seriousness, for SURE. I mean, it's a very busy business with much to be done! But there's a lot of fun things to talk about, too. 

2. I can wear whatever I want. I mean, honestly, if i wore pj pants, he probably wouldn't care! But i don't. ;) At my last place of employment, we had to wear black. ALL black, except for accessories. We couldn't wear flip flops. And there were other guidelines, too. None of those things matter here. And the one i am most happy about is that i don't have to wear black everyday. ENOUGH black already!!  It's fun to be able to wear what color i want, what brand of makeup i want, what products i want, & to CHEW GUM IF I WANT!


3. I get a GIANT MAC COMPUTER! I didn't know i liked Macs. I've never used one before. It's taking some getting used to. But I LIKE IT!

4. Um, we have a DOG at the office! Lily is Aaron & Jency's dog. She's SO sweet. Her bark is a bit shrill, but thankfully she only does it when someone knocks on the door or she sees someone out the window. She is so soft & cute & i am glad she's there.

 5. There's a bit of drama that keeps things interesting. I don't mean bad drama. Well, i guess it is bad, but it's not coming from people that i work with! It's just funny, temporary drama. I probably shouldn't go into too much detail, but i'll just say this: 1 - PSYCHO NEIGHBOR! And 2 - a NOT clean or sober construction guy. They just provide a little entertainment, that's all!

6. Everyone is healthy! They bring their lunch! They eat salads and fish and fruit and nuts & drink lots of water! I am surrounded by healthy people! This is FABULOUS! (The boss & his wife are semi-vegans. The other two just seem to be pretty health-conscious. I can't have carbs & vegans definitely eat carbs, but i am not worried about eating their food! Just glad there's no fast food coming in the house! And almost no eating out going on! It's helpful for me!)

7. The number one thing i love about this job???? The PEOPLE! 
HAHAHA! I mean, THIS, y'all. THIS! 

That's Jency, Katie & Aaron. They are funny people. 

Aaron (the boss) with his parents. Sheila (his mom) is the office manager. She does the bookkeeping, assists on photo shoots & lots of other stuff! She is SO SWEET! 

A "normal" pic of Jency & Katie. :) 

(Katie is the editor on our team. Jency is Aaron's wife & does a LOT for the business! She also has her own acting gig going on.) Really really like these two!

LOVE THEM ALL! It's like a family already. So, yeah, I'm excited! 

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