Friday, February 15, 2013

Pelicans at the LSU Lakes

There was a time where i went to the LSU lakes & took eight gazillion pictures of the egrets. I just became obsessed with those things, they're so elegant and interesting & it gave me something to practice my photography on. 

I had heard that pelicans came once a year, but hadn't seen them. 

Until this year. :) 

So i went & watched the pelicans & took some pictures.

A couple weeks ago, i went back. And they were still there! And i got some more good shots!

So forgive me if i am over-posting the pelicans. I just love them so. 

I don't believe I've ever seen people out in the water at the lakes. But...here they are!

It was such a beautiful day! 

I made my way over to the pelicans... 

Love how this black bird (not sure what he is) just chillin' like he is one of them! 

At one point, some college kids in a motor boat thought it'd be funny to get up real close to the pelicans to scare them away! RUDE! They all jumped & flew into the water! 

And then they just made their way to another little area of the lakes. 

 {Yeah, see those houses? People actually get to LIVE right here! Ahhhh!) 

Ha! Look at that big mouth! :)

A girl came & plopped near me in the grass... i fell in love with her dog. I kept trying to sneak a pic without her noticing. HA! 

Isn't her doggie beautiful!? I ended up talking to her & she let me take some pictures of him. He was so soft & sweet! His name is Ryder. 

Oh, hi, pelicans. Sorry to disturb!

I think I took a million shots of this guy. He was just asking for me to take his picture!

 The clouds were SPECTACULAR! This is not edited, y'all.

Shallow Depth of Field, yo. 

One of my favorite shots. It's like his portrait!

Such a beautiful day!

Random fact: See that house? It's the side of it. You're looking at the side of the house and that particular room is a sun room. I know this because once upon a time, i was a maid. And when i was a maid, I cleaned that house. The company always sent at least 2 of us because it was HUGE (much of it is covered by trees). It has an indoor pool!!! Which was the one room we didn't have to clean - thankfully! HA! ;) 

HOPE YOU ENJOYED! Have a great weekend!

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