Thursday, February 7, 2013

Photography Class Field Trip: Rural Life Museum

I am excited. Extremely extremely excited. And i can't tell you why! Please don't shoot me! It's like when someone says, "Guess what?" & then you say, "What?" & they say, "Nevermind!" RUDE!

But i still can't tell you. But i had to tell you that i want to tell you! And i will tell you. Soon. 

I am not pregnant. Just...wanted to throw that out there!

But it's still good news for me. 



I am so behind in blogging it is RIDICULOUS. I posted my first photo shoot here, and have been needing to send you the pics from our photography class field trip to the Rural Life Museum! I wish i could show you all of them. I felt like i grew SO MUCH on this field trip; it is so good for me to learn hands on. We had two great models come & join us. Both were GREAT! And it was kind of cute how they were total opposites: Miranda is tall, has a fair complexion, straight blonde hair, is pretty and wore silver heels! Bailey is short with an olive complexion, curly dark hair, is cute, and wore cowboy boots. HA!

Both girls are BEAUTIFUL & were so sweet. 



Those are my two favorite shots, I think. I love them. Yes, there is some editing! He taught us editing in our final class. I still have LOTS to learn, but i feel like i got a grasp on some important things!

Bailey's mom, Aimee, was one of the other photography students. At one point someone said she ought to get in a pic! Aaron kind of made her. ;) It was hilarious. I used it as one that i edited for homework, so at our next class Aaron put it on the big screen forEVER to talk about it. HAHA! She was dying. Embarrassed. But...she has nothing to be embarrassed about! They are such a CUTE mother/daughter duo. ;) Love how the sun catches their hair.

This is another favorite of Bailey. I really didn't love my editing on this one but i couldn't get it cropped how i wanted it! Still ... such a pretty natural pose, i had to show it!

Here is another favorite shot. Aaron told me i found his favorite place... this is where he does a lot of family photos. :)

At one point, Aaron gave us a little exercise: to walk around this little shed & see what interesting shots we could get out of it. I felt ridiculous, honestly, and doubted i was getting anything good. However, i love almost every shot i got of it! So that was fun. 

This is a tiny church on the property; my friend actually got married here. It is so cute. Charming.

And taken inside the church.

This is one i snapped just as we were leaving.

I think this one is my favorite. I know it is similar to the one of her above, but it's not the same shot. I just love it in black & white though. She has such a pretty classic look!

 I truly enjoyed this class! For homework, he had us edit 10 images & submit the raw original one & the jpeg edited version. I got some great feedback, and will have to show you the original & edit in a future post! Hope you enjoyed these! :)

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