Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project 365: Week 4

So I have been continuing with my Project 365, but just realized i forgot to post the one from last week! Oops! :) Here it is... and then you'll get another one in a few days from this week! 

Sunday, January 20th: Photography practice with my love! :) 

Monday, January 21st: No work today! Somehow talked him into more photography practice. :) 

Tuesday, January 22nd: Got these earrings in from Groopdealz. LOVE THEM SO MUCH! 

Wednesday, January 23rd: Got in  my Satisfying Eats cookbook! Melissa is local, and she creates amazing sugar-free, grain-free, low-carb recipes! So excited to try these out!

Thursday, January 24th: So good to get home to these two! 

Friday, January 25th: Salad. Capital City Grill. My fave. (This is the only picture i took that day, so it will have to do!)

Saturday, January 26th: GIRLFRIENDS! Laughing at Susan's going away party. (That would be Susan, photo bombing the picture!) 

So there you have it! And almost ready to post week 4! :)

 P.S. The salad happened on Thursday & the "good to be home to these two" happened on Friday. I realize a perfectionist would go back & re-do the collage, but i am far from a perfectionist, so this will just have to do!! Ha! 

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