Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project 365: Week 5

Annnd here is week five! Can you believe? We are now in Week SIX of 2013. DANG. 

I actually put Week 4 in the title. And then realized... I'm a week off. This one should be Week 5, and the last one Week 4. I did Week 3 twice. Gah! So confusing! Haha. Well, time flies when you're having fun! Or when you're not...so, that's always good.

ANYWAY. Here's my week 4... er, FIVE... collage. And i am so sorry that i haven't been writing ACTUAL posts with paragraphs & topics & such. I'll get on that someday! 

Sun, Jan 27: Photography class field trip to Rural Life Museum! Y'all! Just realized i didn't blog about that! OH, my goodness! Will fix that right away! :)

Mon, Jan 28: I think this was a cheat picture that actually happened Sunday? I don't remember. There have been 1 or 2 cheat pictures now. ;) Ha! This is SPAGHETTI SQUASH, something I'd been dying to try! Finally found them! Yipee! :) 

Tues, Jan 29: I met a blog friend! :) Shoshanah of From L.A. to LA and I have been blog friends for awhile, and we both live in the same city! So we had dinner at Zoe's, and had a great time! Glad i finally got to meet her! She is adorable & easy to talk to! :) 

Wed, Jan 30: I didn't take a pic this day because i was too busy editing pictures for our photography class homework! Ha! This is one of the edits. Will show it to you in another post soon. It's one of my favorites, but has lost something in this small collage version!

Thurs, Jan 31: I called the fire department today!! Haha! A little smoke at a cosmetology school never hurt anyone. Ha! Really it was nothing... but we thought it could be...and you don't want to take chances! (We being them - they stuck their head in my door and said "call the fire dept. right now." and so i did. I really didn't know what was going on but the person telling me to do it can be trusted! Haha.) Anyway...that was about as exciting as it got! 

Fri, Feb 1: Lunch with my mommy! Missed her so! 

Sat, Feb 2: Went to the lakes & the pelicans were there! YIPEE! Got lots of practice photos. ;) 

So there you have it. Week 5! Moving on to Week 6! :) 

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