Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project 365: Week 6

Week 6 of Project 364. Um... is it safe to say I might actually complete this? I know it is only February! But it's looking good... 

Here we go. My 6th week of 2013!

Sun, Feb 3. Sometimes you have nothing to do but make silly faces to get a pic-of-the-day. Good morning at church, though. 

Mon, Feb 4. This is a cheat pic. It was taken Sunday. :o/ Nothing but work & relaxation on Monday! :) 

Tues, Feb 5. Lunch with Laura & Ben! The three amigos of Aveda reunite for lunch! :)

Wed, Feb 6. Just another day at work! This is our "grand assembly" - a once a month meeting with our students! 

Thurs, Feb 7. I was really happy today, in case you can't tell! Pretty much smiled like this all day! I found out that this new job situation would work out, and i knew that i would be giving 2 weeks notice at my current job the following day! And yes... i was very happy about that! 

Fri, Feb 8. I gave my two weeks notice & it went well. Then i received FLOWERS from my new boss, his wife & their company. Y'ALL! FLOWERS to welcome me! How thoughtful is that!?

Sat, Feb 9. Saw my NYC friend, Brittany K, who i miss VERY much! She did a nutrition seminar at Whole Foods & I got to take pictures during it! :) It was good practice for me & i got some good nutritious recipes down, too! :) Love her! Check out her website! :)

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