Friday, March 22, 2013


It's Friday evening. Possibly my favorite time of the week! No, second favorite. My FAVORITE-favorite would be Saturday around 10 am. I'm usually showered & dressed by then but just chillin'. So it's basically the same as Friday night except freshly showered & feeling clean! Haha! 

Tonight i came home, threw stuff in a pot, and called it taco soup! It's almost done simmering & will be ready! Smells good up in here!

I saw this little goodie on Sarah's blog & thought I would do it, too. :)


Watching Law & Order SVU's current season. And ER. Caught up on SVU last night, and will catch up on ER tonight! I just watch them online after they've aired. I'm only one episode behind...not too bad! LOVE these shows this season! 

{EDITED TO ADD: Wow. ER?! I haven't seen that in YEARS, maybe decades! Haha. I meant, Grey's Anatomy.} :)

Thinking about Ideal Protein, the diet I am starting April 1st. I have heard nothing but good about this program, and am ECSTATIC that I am going to do it! I 100% believe it is the plan for me & am READY! I have to wait til April 1st, because it's not cheap & hubby wants to wait til i have my first full check from my new job & he gets the budget straight so we can pay for it! But i know it works...and after nearly 4 years of trying to lose this weight, I AM READY.

Listening to the Bethel Music station on Pandora. Has a lot of songs we sing at church, which i love. Good stuff! 

Excited about starting Move Over, Mrs Markham, the play I am stage managing starting Monday! We have a great cast, and the script is hilarious! Plus, my friend Jennifer is going to co-SM with me so that (a) i can show her the ropes of SM'ing, and (b) i can miss opening night to go to my good friend's wedding! 

Loving that the corporate office of Aveda (my last job) called me to do an exit interview, and i was able to honestly but respectfully tell her the problems there!! It needed to be said! And she was so nice about it! :)

Drinking coffee & water these days...and that's about it! 

Eating nothing but veggies and meat these days. For the most part! ;)

Missing my good friend, Mandy!! Haven't spent time with her in awhile, my life is consumed with auditions lately! Haha. Also missing a few favorite coworkers at Aveda and certain friends in Pennsylvania! ;) (Break a leg tonight, Rainey!)

Making me happy that I have a free weekend... nothing planned but church on Sunday! Woot!

Happy weekend, y'all!

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