Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Deep Thoughts, by Mel P. V.

I have not blogged since March 14th. Which is terrible, horrible, no good & very very bad! 

Sorry. :)

(I feel I should explain the title of this post. At the theatre, my nickname became Mel P. Not just Mel, no, but Mel P. It just fit. Had a nice ring to it. So everyone would greet me with, "MEL P!!!!!!" And not just, "Mel" or "Melissa". 

When I got married, people were sad, because I was suddenly Mel V, which sounds like Melvee, which apparently doesn't have as nice a ring? Actually, it was that people would FORGET I had a new last name, so it would come out like this, "Mel P!!! V!!!!!!" with the V as an, "oops! I forgot!". 

So then it became, "Mel P V". 

Got all that? It's a term of endearment when someone calls me "Mel P" or "Mel P V". And I'll answer to either. :)


(Sorry to yell!)

Here is what's been going on. In bullet-point fashion (I always blog this way when it's been awhile!). 

#1 - Les Mis Auditions
Our theatre is one of the first community theatres to get the rights to perform this beautiful story. I am NOT SM'ing or even auditioning, so i agreed to help work auditions. We expected a lot of people to come out for this one, which would mean they would need some help! I was happy to oblige; I love working auditions! It is fun! 

(For those I told I was going to audition, I changed my mind when i got my new job. Just didn't know how that would work out & didn't want to hinder my new job or a show. After overhearing all initial auditions and sitting in the room to hear all callback auditions (about 230 people, many i heard 2 or 3 times (initial audition + callbacks)), I was GLAD i decided not to audition! People say, "don't say that - believe in yourself!". Y'all. I do. I know I sing well, I know i am a good actor, and i know i am a terrible dancer (which I think will change as i lose weight; i do have rhythm, y'all!). I also know that i am NOT GOOD ENOUGH to beat out at least 100 of those who auditioned! Most of whom are vocally trained! I mean, come on! Let's be real here.) (Man, i love parenthesis.)(For real, though.)

Did i mention that only 13 men & 9 women will be cast? Out of 230 people? EXACTLY. I did really enjoy being a part of the audition process. It's FUN being on that side of the table. And I didn't have to deal with the things i hate most at auditions: NERVES!

(If my mom is reading this, she will not like that last paragraph. Of course she thinks i am better than all of them!)(Thanks, mom!)

Now that that's out of the way. The auditions consisted of FIVE ROUNDS. 
#1-Saturday - vocal auditions by appointment. 1 auditionee, 1 accompanist, 1 director, 1 music director, 1 stage manager.  ALL DAY.

#2-Sunday - 1:00-children auditions. 3:00-10:00pm - more adult vocal auditions

#3 - Tuesday - 6:00-10:00pm - MORE adult vocal auditions!

#4 - the next Saturday - Adult female callbacks - 9am-2pm - i sat in on these!

#5 - that Sunday - Children callbacks, then Adult male callbacks, & second round of adult female callbacks. GEEZ!!! I sat in on these too!

So that was it. And by the end of Sunday did we have a final cast? NO! They had narrowed it down pretty well, but still haven't made final decisions. The cast list will be posted Monday. Yet another reason i am glad i didn't audition because i would not be able to stand this kind of torture!! 

#2 - Move Over, Mrs. Markham
Are you tired of hearing about theatre yet??? :) If so... you might want to come back later! ;) After the Audition Marathon that was Les Miserables, I came BACK to the theatre two MORE nights for Move Over, Mrs. Markham auditions! I am SUPER excited about this show! I decided to stage manage it. This is another one i had backed out of because of my new job, but by the time auditions got close, i decided i could do it IF i had a co-stage manager... someone who could be at rehearsals if i had to work late or something. Plus, one of my favorite people is getting married May 3, which is opening night of Markham, so i am going to her wedding. (Plays like this one are a much shorter time commitment than musicals like Les Miserables.)

So they agreed, a co-SM would be great. And my friend Jennifer is gonna do it! WAHOO! I am so excited, because Jenn hasn't been a part of our theatre long & has only worked crew. But so many people have said, "She would make a great stage manager" (including myself). So she is going to do it, and I'll be training her as we go! She is excited & i am too! 

Total topic change. If you read my weightloss blog, you know i have been struggling with my weight since 2009. 

Actually, for most of my LIFE, mainly since high school, but 2009 is when i started doing something about it. AND I'M STILL FAT. 

All of that is a long story, one that i won't go into (but you can go take a read around my weightloss blog, if you are so inclined). 

In the very beginning of my journey, the metabolic clinic i go to suggested Ideal Protein. It's a diet that produces fast results (which i have never been a fan of) and it's SUPER helpful for all but even more so for those with Insulin Resistance (like me) & that are obese (like me)

I said no back then because of the expense. It's not cheap, y'all. However, now that i am 35, childless, still fat, and just ready to DO THIS ALREADY, we have decided to make it work. Hubby is currently working on the budget so that we can do it without breaking the bank. I will start April 1st (to give him time to get the finances in order. Because that's the kinda man i married! Which is good since i am NOT like that at all! HA!). 

But, MAN, i wish i could start it NOW! SO BAD! It's like i finally found what i KNOW will work! 

I have several friends who have done or are doing this & they say it is amazing! And i can tell it! :) And they have kept their weight off. 

Side Note: Please DO NOT write negative things about Ideal Protein in the comments. It is not a fad diet. And i have heard nothing but good about it. Got nothing but support on my other blog, but i a just throwing this out here, just in case. Because this is the path God's leading me on & my mind is made up! Just need encouragement & support!)

I went to the Metabolic Clinic today & she was very supportive & excited! And i go back & see her in a month! Will let you know how it goes! :) 

So what else is new? Well, those are the 3 main things.
Oh, the job! 
The new job is going well. We have a new office that i love. So that's good! Nothing else new to report there. But i like it! :)

And this post is WAY TOO LONG. So i'll talk about some other stuff in another post!
Also, no pictures! I will make up for that sometime, okay?!

Adios! :)

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