Monday, March 4, 2013

Friends, Family & a shopping spree!

So, my birthday was AMAZING this year. 


On Friday night, we had dinner with some of my bestest friends: Billy & Mandy, Mark & Sarah, Adam & Katie, Becca (hubby Mike had to work), & Gayle. Some others couldn't make it. But we had a great time. I have been seriously blessed in friendship, y'all! So thankful for it!

On Saturday, I had lunch with family. My parents, my hubby's parents & his sister. I love that our families have known each other since we were kids, and get along so well. Love it! We had a GREAT TIME!

This series of pictures CRACKS ME UP. That's my... waiting patiently face (not so patiently, really) for hubby to finish chewing so we could take a picture. Ha!

 Take your time, my love!

 He really is taking his time!
 Still waiting! 

There we go... ;) 

Here's the whole gang!
Gotta love cell phone pics! That's my mother-in-law on the far left, then my sis-in-law, my mom, my dad (behind my mom), my father-in-law, and my hubby! LOVE THEM ALL! 

My sister couldn't make it... she & her hubby are studying hard for midterms in grad school & they live over an hour away. Sad-face! But i understood, of course! 

I got some goodies at lunch! I got gift cards from my in-laws, and i got AN AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL CAMERA BAG from my parents!!! I was SO surprised! See, my current camera bag didn't fit all my lenses. It said it did but my new lens was bumping up against my other ones. I LOVE my friend Mandy's camera bag & she had it at church one day & i said to mom in passing, "I really want a camera bag like mandy's, but not in pink!" Then i forgot about it! When mom asked what i wanted for my birthday, i told her Brooks shoes from Amazon, but forgot to say what size. And i also mentioned some gift cards i wouldn't mind having! That's all i could think of! So when i got this HUGE box from them... had NO CLUE! When i saw it said AMAZON, i was confused because I didn't think they'd buy me the shoes, especially because i didn't say what size or anything! Inside was the camera bag! In my FAVORITE color! I almost died. 

I mean, Y'ALL! 

 I was SO excited! Plenty of room to spare! Could get another lens, even! :)

Other fun goodies!! 
memo pad, coupon organizer set, COFFEE stationery & journal, oreo candle, dunkin donuts gift card (i am not eating donuts but they do have a CUTE coffee mug i want! I love coffee mugs haha!), Macy's gift card & La Madeleine's gift card. WOOT! 

I feel like i was SPOILED ROTTEN. At 35 years old. I mean... WOW! :)
And that wasn't all!

Hubby had told me he would give me a $100 shopping spree for my birthday! WEEEEE! I think he likes doing this because he's worried he'll get the wrong thing... so he thinks it's making his life easier but i actually LOVE IT! He comes with me... so it's like a date... and then he pays for my stuff... and it's fun! Haha! We went to Charming Charlie! And i REALLY desperately needed a new purse. Mine is AWFUL! I also could use a new wallet. So i found those items. Took me FOREVER to choose a wallet... and hubby never complained. (He usually would in Charming Charlie - after about 5 minutes! Haha!) 

So i got a purse & wallet... 

And some cute earrings!

Then we went to Barnes & Noble, and i got some chic lit & a pencil case (because i am a dork).

Then we stopped at Fresh Market for a few groceries, and i got some flowers. :)

We finally made it home! And i had $75 of gift cards to Macy's. Add in this new $25 one from my sister & brother-in-law, and i could get this food processor i really have been wanting! SO I ordered that when i got home. Can't wait til it comes in! :)

Did i mention i got 2 starbucks gift cards from friends on Friday night?!

SPOILED. And blessed. ;)

We came home & hung out... just a quiet night with my man. LOVE HIM!


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