Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME! (& why i was dreading this one.)

Today is my birthday!

 {Birthday 2012}

I have always loved birthdays. My birthday, your birthday, it doesn't really matter. Birthdays are FUN! :) 

I share a birthday with Dr. Seuss! I mean...how great is that!? 

I also share a birthday with Jon Bon Jovi, ha! And Bryce Dallas Howard (the snot from The Help). And Karen Carpenter. RIP Karen. Love her voice. 

I actually thought I would be sad for my birthday today. I have never ever in my life been sad about reaching a certain age. And I have never understood why people don't want to tell their age, even when they turn 60 or 70 or 80! Who cares?! Getting older is a good thing. There is only one alternative, and it's not a good one! However, this year i turn 35! As a woman, what do you think of when you hear 35? Most women know that 35 is that magical age when your fertility chances decrease! We have been trying to conceive for too long now. And to reach 35 with no children? Well... it's not that fun. I could see this age coming, just getting closer & closer. And I began to dread this age. 35. 

I have had rude comments. All well-meaning but stupid. One saying, "Y'all better hurry up!" Seriously? Really? Thanks for telling me, I HAD NO IDEA!

But this post isn't meant to be bitter. And I'm not bitter. Just explaining why I was not looking forward to 35! God allowed Sarah to conceive at about 90 years old. I've always hated when people told me that (as a way to encourage) because honestly - i don't wanna wait til I'm 90! HAHA! But i think i was missing the point. The point is, that God is awesome. His timing is perfect! He will fulfill my God-given desires. And if he can allow Sarah to conceive at 90ish, surely he can allow me to conceive after 35! (But preferably closer to 35 and farther from 40!?)

All that to say... I had been dreading 35...and thought it'd be the first year I was depressed on my birthday. But i am not sad today. Not in the least. I woke up with joy. I am full of joy today! Maybe i won't feel the same way next week or next year. But right now? JOY. God is a God of life! He's granted me 35 awesome years on this earth, and hopefully will bring NEW LIFE someday soon. So today I am happy. And I'm thankful for that! 

Today will be fun! We're going to have lunch with my family & my in-laws at Coyote Blues! Then my sweet hubby is taking me on a shopping spree! There is this purse i REALLY want in Charming Charlie... so we'll get that! But he said i can spend $100, and it's not close to that much! So...yippee! Haha! (I am not a big shopper but it's different when it's for your BIRTHDAY & someone else is paying!) I also have a gift card to Macy's & Best Buy that i might use today! Ha! 

Hope you have a happy weekend! 

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  1. I hope you have the HAPPIEST of birthdays today! It sounds like a great day already. You know I'm praying for God to give you your sweet baby!


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