Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last Weekend.

This was supposed to be a "This Weekend, I" post with Sar & Syndal! And then i forgot to actually post it. So... a few edits here & there and it's posted a bit late! OOPS! 

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Last weekend, I had breakfast at my in-laws & got to visit them for awhile. Love my in-laws!

Last weekend, I laughed at Fani all curled up in my sister-in-law's LAP! I swear, she thinks she is a lap dog! 

Last weekend, I (& my husband) went with mom & dad to have dinner with my sister and brother-in-law. They were only expecting my parents, so it was tons of fun to surprise them!
Last weekend, I was asked by our pastor to lead Happy Birthday to our worship pastor. HA! It was awesome. Billy is one of our good friends. The singers usually sit down when announcements start, but the band usually stays because they play during the offering (after announcements). Well, i recruited the singers to sing Happy Birthday with me! I know Billy was wondering why we were all still standing there when Pastor Jeff started the announcements. I wouldn't even look at Billy! Then Pastor Jeff looks at Billy and says, "So, Billy, do you have that special song ready for me?" And Billy says, "No, i do not!" looking at him like, "what the heck are you talking about?!" Pastor Jeff says, "Are you sure? That song? You don't have that song ready for me?" And Billy is like, "No, sir!" & i interrupted & said, "I got it, Pastor Jeff!" He said, "Oh, Melissa's gonna do it, great, thanks, Melissa!" LOL!!!! So i started singing happy birthday with the other singers! And my hubby chimed in on the organ which was awesome because Billy LOVES Brad's style on the organ! Ha! It was pretty funny. 

Last weekend, I finally got to meet some beautiful twins!! My hubby's cousin, Blake, was at church with his wife & twins, Lawson & Blakeleigh! I held Lawson FOREVER. He was so sweet!
Last weekend, I had a lazy day on Sunday. Watched three movies! I watched Friends with Kids, which i actually really liked, although some may not (The f-bomb is the reason for the R rating. Otherwise, i liked it.). Then I watched "One for the Money" which i kind of half-watched while playing on my phone. Which means it didn't really hold my attention. Which is sad because i LOVE the book, and love that actress, Katherine Heigl. It was cute. Just not GREAT! As for the other movie...
Last weekend, I watched October Baby. Y'ALL. WATCH IT! It is a must-see! It was SO INCREDIBLY good. It's a movie about grace & forgiveness, abortion/adoption, and so much more. I cried buckets, but loved it! Beautiful writing, great acting!

Last weekend, I did a lot of laughing & being silly with my husband! Love that guy! :)

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