Friday, March 8, 2013

My week.

So, it's been a great week. Here are some random phone pics for you! 

Me & my bestie, Mandy, after church. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!

Had lunch with my boss, Aaron, and my coworker, Katie, at Zoe's. I love these two! They are pretty hilarious. This is called: The Stare Down.

This picture was also taken on Monday. Love Aaron's dog, Lily. She's so sweet!

On Tuesday, we had a work meeting at CC's coffee. For four hours! Ha! Great environment, though! And great coffee. ;)

Not much happened, but this makes me laugh. I am singing a solo at church for Easter, and i was practicing. This is Fievel the whole time, watching me sing! What an audience! (Please excuse the obviously VERY MESSY house!)

Um, Thursday ROCKED. On Thursday, we had a Eye Wander Photo team photo shoot in the studio. Here's Aaron & Katie again. She is too cute! Can't wait to share the pro pics with you! ;) We had fun!

Same day: I got home to find my new 11-cup food processor (ELEVEN, y'all) came in! Woohoo! I have had the mini one for years...it was a wedding gift, and i didn't use it for the first year or so of marriage. One day i was in a hurry cooking so i got it out to help me chop veggies faster - UM... LIFESAVER! Why hadn't i used it before!? 

So lately I've wanted a larger one. I got 2 gift cards to Macy's for Christmas (A $75 + a $25 one), and another one on my birthday (for $25). I had discovered they were more than i thought! But this one was on sale for $90. So i got it basically FREE! The reviews are outstanding. So excited to use it! Although the amount of parts & blades & such it comes with is slightly overwhelming!

That evening, me & my love went to the theater to see City of Angels, which was SO GOOD! The entire cast did a superb job! This girl is one of my favorite people. She blew me away in the show (not surprising) & really needs to be in NYC on Broadway. True story. Love her!!
{excuse the weird lighting!}

Today i finished this book. First thing this morning. Or maybe it was last night! Anyway, i LOVED IT. And am bummed that i don't have another one of her books! Will have to remedy that! But seriously...for those of you that like christian fiction, this is probably one of my favorites. It's chic lit with a real message...and characters so real you almost KNOW them! ;) Great writing here. Loved it. Actually couldn't put it down.

Also, today, had lunch with mom & dad. And failed to take a picture! Figures! 

Also today, my happy place (aka, Baton Rouge Little Theater) announced a name change for the theater! It's now called "Theatre Baton Rouge" - and that's pretty cool! Watch this video. Makes me proud of our theater, and you can even see snippets from City of Angels! :)

WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports
So now you have met Keith & Jack, two of my favorite directors to work with! And Leonard & Ana, two of the best performers in town! And you have seen some of my friends backstage & on stage! ha! :) 
Tomorrow i am working at the theater ALL DAY to assist with Les Miserables auditions! I decided not to audition because of my new job... just didn't seem like a good idea right now. But i am excited to get to work auditions now! Love doing that! I like being the face to calm people's nerves as they arrive for their audition. :) 

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