Sunday, April 28, 2013

Praise & Prayer

I'm linking up again with Amy & Melissa Jo for their Prayer Chain Linkup! Check out either of their blogs if you would like to join in! :)

Today i have 2 praises to mention & 2 prayer requests!


So the anger I have been speaking of lately? About what went wrong with my job, and how it was handled (if you have no idea what i am talking about, read this post & then this one)? Well, I am feeling that anger dissipate. I mean... I still maintain that the situation was handled wrong, but I also keep remembering the verse my friend shared with me:

And Job answered God, "I'm convinced. You can do anything & everything. Nothing and no one can upset your plans for me!" (Job 42:1, the Message). I mean, who can argue with that?! There's no situation and no person that can mess up what God has planned for my life. Today, our pastor talked about our stories...how God is writing our story...and i learned again - nothing can upset that plan! Nothing is going to happen to me that will take God by surprise. He knows all, and He can do anything.

I have forgiven. I forgave by faith immediately, but sometimes it takes awhile for your feelings to catch up with your faith. You know what I mean? Anyway... the anger is subsiding.

The truth is, I know that this is all part of the plan. If working for Eye Wander was just a temporary thing to get me away from my job before it.... if it was just a stepping stone to the next big thing...then okay. I can deal with that.

So that is my praise! That today was one full of JOY & a belief that God is good all the time. A big difference from last Sunday when i was still in shock & disbelief, when i was still furious & hurt. And anxious. God is good. And he will prove faithful in this situation just as he always has.

My other praise is that I HAVE LOST NINE POINT FOUR POUNDS IN THREE WEEKS!!!!!! This Tuesday I weigh again, to see what i lost in my first month on Ideal Protein. I AM THRILLED.

Okay, whew! Now, my prayer requests!


I pray that I will stay strong on this diet. I know some people have their opinions on dieting, but what i need people to understand is that when you get to be obese, sometimes you NEED HELP. Sometimes you cannot just "eat less & move more" & see results. I promise you... I have tried everything, sticking to it, without cheating. I have done EVERYTHING recommended for months on end, without result. I am so thankful for this diet because it knows just what i need!

The deal is that you cannot succeed on Ideal Protein if you are going to cheat. My first two weeks I didn't cheat at all. Then i lost my job. And I had mexican. I got right back on plan and still saw a loss. But then last week, i cheated again. I got back on track again, and pray i still see a loss. I know it was one cheat, in a week, but cheating is a slippery slope. Next thing you know, you're eating the wrong things more than you're following the diet! And i can't have that. I have to follow it, i have to see the success that i have been longing for, for years now!

So please pray that i get solid in this diet, that there is NO CHEATING. That my mindset goes back to what it was in the first two weeks. SOLID. STRONG. UNBENDING.

The other prayer request is for my job interview on Tuesday. It's at 1:00 and it's for one of our local hospitals. I don't know how much it pays, but i want it! I have always wanted to work in a hospital or doctor's office (not sure why, since i do not do medical!). Every time i have applied, I've never even gotten a call. This time, just 2 days after i apply, i get a call for an interview! So I'm excited. Please pray that i give good answers to whatever i am asked. Please pray i make a good impression. I know God will take care of the rest! If it is meant to be, i will get that job. But it would be nice if it WAS in His plan for me! If I didn't even have to continue to interview. If this was it. I know that when I lost my job, God knew what was next for me. It would be nice if "what was next" happened this soon. That's all. :)

Thanks, guys! Love to you all!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Nothing & no one!

(Decided to add this little button since this post IS a bit frank & happens to be on a Friday. But if you don't know Part 1 of this story, you should catch up by reading this post first. And also, link up with Amy for Frankly Friday, if ya want!)

*   *   *   *  *

I cannot thank you enough for your kind words of encouragement and love after Wednesday's post. Seriously. Y'all are the BEST! (Also, that has to beat some kind of record for most comments I've ever received on a post. For real.)

To answer some of your questions:
No, no warning at all.
Yes, he did give a reason. It's just that it didn't add up with the other things he said.
I, too, was (& still am) confused. Oh, yes, and angry.

Just so you know, I do not wish anything bad on this guy (besides maybe that punch in the face!). He has a good heart, believe it or not. But he also has a lot of faults, faults that affect other people. The hilarious thing is that he said he will likely want me back in a year or so. Um, what? Really? Seriously? BIG NEGATIVE, DUDE! I don't want to PURPOSEFULLY work for someone who will let you go in a heartbeat, without any warning, whatsoever. Who acts on his whims, with a careless attitude towards whoever is hurt by his actions.

I do not hate him. I just am angry with him. And don't know how long I will feel this way.

I am not acting on this anger. Except maybe through vent-blogging. :) But i didn't actually do or say the things I wanted to do or say at the time. And I'm glad because it wouldn't have accomplished anything at all!

Even so, the anger is most definitely there. I can't look at his posts on Facebook, glance at his blog or anything of the sort without feeling some anger just rise up within me. The thing is, what he did was wrong, whether he believes it was or not. Even if he was right in letting me go, he should have talked to me first. Tried to work it out. Given me some warning. NOT A WORD until he was calling me in on a Saturday to find my packed up desk, my paycheck. Not a word until that day when he said, "So. This is it."

I will deal with the anger. I have acknowledged it, and have forgiven him "by faith". I know that at some point my heart will follow my words.

And I'm not saying all this to convince any of YOU, because nobody was all - "you better forgive him, melissa! unforgiveness will eat away at you like a cancer!" or anything like that. But it is true. I am sure I will be fine once a little time has passed. Once i get a JOB!

One friend sent me an email after reading my post & it greatly encouraged me in the Lord. And it wasn't any of those fluff sayings that people use when they have no idea what else to say. It really ministered to me in that moment. A part of what she said is this:

"After all of the talk about creation, Job has this revelation that God can do anything. What is it that Job learned from God's speech on creation that God is trying to teach us? God is saying that knowing the reason why is not what you need in the hard times. Knowing God and who He is will get you through the hard times. So what should we be praying in the hard times? God tell me more about you- Remind me of your faithfulness, love, how you take care of all creation..."

and then later in her email,

"Melissa, be encouraged! Your King- Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the name above every name, your Risen Savior- He has one more move! He is your Ram in the Thicket. He is your provider. Your provision. He has a plan and it is magnificent! The Lord is good forever!"

That really spoke to me, Jess, and I hope you don't mind me sharing it! :)

The verse where Job has the revelation my friend is talking about is in Job 42:1: And Job answered God, "I'm convinced. You can do anything and everything. Nothing and no one can upset your plans for me!" (The Message)

Y'ALL! That is the verse i am holding on to. It doesn't matter that i lost what I thought was the best job EVER. It doesn't matter that he laid me off the way that he did. Let God deal with that issue. What matters is that NOTHING AND NO ONE can upset God's plans for me! Nothing! And that is good news! 

Also, God is providing for me a little along the way. My friends own a business that makes snow for kids (yes, we need that down south - since we don't actually GET snow!), but some events they sell funnel cakes & sno-cones. So i went with them yesterday and sold funnel cakes like nobodies business. I promise you: It was more fun than i have had on ANY day of any other job! Probably because it was a GORGEOUS day and was with 2 of my most favorite people!! I even got up before 6 am without (much) complaint!!!! ;) I will work with them again twice next week! Yay!

 Thursday in Franklinton, LA

Me & Mandy, in between quick funnel cake assembly line action! We were a great team! 

My friend, Mandy (above) has started a blog!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!! Seriously. She is one of my most favoritest people and one of my closest friends! So, please go check out her blog! She just posted her first post TODAY! :)

Five Question Friday!

Thought I would link up today with Mama M for Five Question Friday!

1.) Who drives when the family is together, you or your spouse?
Well, it's just the two of us, and I drive the most. This is because hubby has TERRIBLE night vision, and apparently most of our driving together is at night. If we are driving somewhere together during the day, I usually get him to drive since i have to do all the night driving. :)

Lately, I've noticed I have a much harder time seeing to drive at night, though...if we BOTH end up with bad night vision that will not be good!

2.) Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I'm an introvert. I know some people find this hard to be believe. But it's true.

                                                                                                                          Source: funri.com via Kat on Pinterest

3. Are you married to an introvert or extrovert?
We are both introverts. He is even more so!

4. What's your favorite type of social media?
Instagram. I know it's only on smartphones (or tablets) but it really is my fave. 

5. What's your favorite way to "recharge"?
Time in worship at church is a pretty good way to recharge. But a hot bath relaxes me, and relaxing recharges me. :) I also like naps when i REALLY need help! :)

What about you? Answer these 5 questions in the comments, or you can do it in your own blog & link up here!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Midweek Confessions {warning: much frustration vented here.}

I am so sorry I haven't blogged. I have actually had the time, but I haven't been able to put into words the - wait a minute. This part belongs in the actual confessions part of this post. :)

Today I will be linking up with Elizabeth for Midweek Confessions. I've been reading her blog for quite some time now, and i just love her. She is funny. And she's a teacher. I love teachers! Her confessions are always hilarious because i can so relate to them. Sad but true, haha! I don't know why I've never joined in, though. But i am feeling particularly confession-ish today. Possibly because i have some things to confess? We shall see!

Confession #1 - As I was starting to say in my introduction, I haven't blogged because the only thing on my mind shouldn't be blogged about yet. Actually, it can be, but i'm not ready. I haven't been ready, I mean. But... I think I might be ready now.

Confession #2 - The thing is, this: I have had more feelings of ANGER in the past five days than I have had in probably the past year. Or maybe three years. I am not kidding.

Confession #3 - I am realizing now that with each confession this might get a little bit juicier. Not that i want it to, but... I keep having to share a little more of the reason i am angry!

Confession #4 (also known as Background Info): As some of you know, back in February, I quit the job I had because i was incredibly miserable & stressed out & that was not good. I was only able to quit because i got a job that was perfect for me in every way, that fell in my lap, & that definitely had to be a God-thing. (For the record, I still believe it was a God-thing. To get me away from a very miserable/stressful work environment, if anything.)

Confession #5 - On Saturday morning, i was enjoying my weekend but fully intending to go to work on Monday morning. By Saturday afternoon, I had no job for Monday morning. Yes, my boss called me in on a Saturday, had my desk packed up, gave me my last check, assured me i did nothing wrong, and that's it. No more amazing job for me. Hey, no job for me, PERIOD!

Confession #6 - Those of you who have been here awhile... do you feel like you need to re-read my 5th confession again & again to make sure you read it right? Are you staring at it with your mouth open, in shock & disbelief? Well, guess what? MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!

Confession #7 - I HUGGED him when i left on Saturday. After i was laid off for no good reason. After he did this to me. I was shell-shocked, I think, so i HUGGED him! I honestly should've punched him in the face!

Confession #8 - The thought of applying for jobs again and of interviewing again makes me want to cry. Actually, i have cried. A LOT. 

Confession #9 - Every time something like this happens to me, I wonder if I am being punished for not finishing school & getting my degree. (Please do not comment that i should go back to school! Unless you are paying for it & taking my math & sciences classes for me!)

Confession #10 - "Everything that glitters isn't gold." & "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.": These are the two statements I wanted to post on Facebook when it happened. But I refrained. I didn't want people to know what happened. I was embarrassed. Three days in, i still don't want to post it on Facebook. But I am okay with blogging about it.

Confession #11 - I realize the last confession makes no sense.

Confession #12 - I cheated on my diet for the first time since starting it, and I am sure we can blame the boss who laid me off for no reason, with no warning. This was a classic case of emotional eating, but i am proud to brag confess that i picked myself back up, when straight back to eating right, and still saw a loss! (9.3 pounds in 3 weeks, y'all! PRAISE THE LORD!)

Confession #13 - I have enjoyed the time off. It's like vacation, as long as i am not thinking about the fact that i am jobless!!! Again!

Confession #14 - Even though this sucks BIGTIME, and i am still harboring some anger & resentment & disappointment &, well, SHOCK... I know that God is with me...that he has a better job in store for me. He's already surrounded me with some seriously supportive family & friends...AND He got me an interview for next Tuesday! :)

*  *  *  * 

The end. And, Elizabeth, if you are reading this... i am so sorry my first confession post was all negative!!! Same to my lovely readers. Hopefully my next post will be much, MUCH happier & sweeter! :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

To Boston & West Texas, with love

I just can't stop thinking about the bombing in boston, the explosion in texas, the manhunt & gunfires in watertown, the people whose lives were lost - or changed in an instant.  I didn't watch the news. Just heard what was going on as I read updates on Twitter over the last week.

All I could think was, How do you get up to go to a MARATHON of all things, and end up leaving without legs or as a widow or, at the very least, seeing a BOMB explode?! These are not things you expect to happen at a marathon.

And, in Texas, you go to sleep and suddenly are fighting for your life after an explosion? An accident, yes. Not a terrorist attack. But still cost a lot of people their lives. A tragedy!

It is insane.

I'm sorry, by the way, if this post is a little much for you right now. If you want to read about something else, I get it. If you're SICK TO DEATH of hearing about all this, i really do understand that, too. No offense taken, at all. But i can't get this off of my mind. I have to blog about it. 

As I said, I didn't watch the news all day. I saw updates on Twitter when i woke up this morning, and read a little more about it when i got to the office. But then I put it out of my mind & got to work.

Later, though, it came to my mind again. I pulled up this article and THAT is why it will no longer leave my mind. That guy. I won't put the picture, although you probably have seen it. (If you are squeamish, don't click the link, or at least don't look too hard at the picture.) This is the guy that went to the marathon to cheer his girlfriend on. I told Brad, that is something people do ALL THE TIME, EVERYWHERE! They run a 5k or a marathon or a half-marathon. That's what people do all over the world these days. And if they don't, they often go to watch someone else. The Boston Marathon is awesome, attracts probably thousands. (I'm guessing, I have no idea.) You get up, you get dressed, you go! You are ready to stand at the finish line to watch your girlfriend cross it.

But instead of going home, you go to a hospital.
And instead of watching your girlfriend cross the finish line, you watch a bomber drop a bag, look you in the eyes, and cause you to lose your legs.

I cannot even comprehend it.

I know people lost their lives. And i pray they knew the Lord. But the people i really cannot stop thinking about are their families. And the others...the ones who were injured. The ones who lost limbs. The ones like Jeff Bauman.

God, help them! Please bring your comfort & peace.

I realized later I have several friends that live in Boston. I knew I had two friends who go to school at the Boston Conservatory there, but they were not in Boston this past week. Another friend has lived there for a year or so, doing theater, he wasn't there either. Then i read a tweet from a girl who used to blog, who i followed & got to know through blogging. She was AT the marathon! She wasn't hurt, and it sounds like she didn't know anyone who was hurt, but gosh! Cannot imagine being there.

I have to add that this was a week where i debated getting off of facebook again. I have deactivated my account before, and it was nice. I like staying connected, though. But I hid a lot of people from my feed this week. I really cannot grasp what drives people - perfectly nice, normal people, mind you - to post political agendas or self-righteous garb when a disaster happens. Why not just, "praying for boston" or "i love west texas"??? Why do we have to use everything to "prove a point" on facebook? To me, it just shows a lack of compassion and sensitivity.

The other thing that annoyed me is right after the explosion in West Texas, I had three facebook posts in my newsfeed immediately. One fussing at the media for still covering Boston & not West Texas (maybe they wanted all the facts first?!), and two saying "more people dead in West Texas than in Boston". What is your POINT? I mean, so what if more people died in one place than the other! Am i supposed to care more for the one that lost more lives? Really? So, what if I lived in Texas and i had family in west texas and one of them died. And what if i also had an aunt at the Boston Marathon & she died. Do you think I would want America to care more about my family in West Texas just because it affected more people? BOTH events were tragedies, people. There should be room in your heart to care for BOTH.

The thoughtlessness of people flabbergasts me. Seriously.

I sound like I think the Boston tragedy is worse now. That's not what I'm saying. Please don't misunderstand! I have been stuck on Boston now, because it's a terrorist attack, because one was still at large (thankfully, he's now in custody!), and because of the picture of Jeff Bauman. But i am just as grieved for West Texas. They are closer. I have friends & family near there.

My heart is with both areas, and I hope yours is too. That's all I'm saying.

Anyway, sorry to ramble & ramble & I promise I'll give you a lighter post next time. Just, please, think about the people of Boston & West Texas. And pray for them. They need our prayers. They need his comfort & peace.

"God is our refuge & strength; a very present help in times of trouble." -Psalm 46:1

"Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness." -Lamentations 3:22-23

Saturday, April 13, 2013

To Love Each Other

Something has been on my heart all week, and at other times before that too. I have to share it. I feel like it's rare for me to actually sit down and write about things that really bother me or inspire me or worry me or challenge me. It is rare. That is because it takes time and a lot of thought, and sometimes it's just easier to tell you about my day and show you some pictures. That's the honest truth.

I want to get out of that, though. I want to take the time to share what's on my heart. I don't know that i will... being honest, I can be lazy, and if i'm not being lazy, I'm being easily distracted, especially while on the computer! But this topic has been stewing in me, and I have some hours to sit and do whatever I want. So here goes.

 I have, for many years, considered myself incredibly blessed when it comes to friendship. I have some of the best girlfriends, girls who really love me, truly care for me, will say they are going to pray for me, and then actually do it. I have girlfriends who support me & encourage me in anything i do. Several of them have been good friends for 10 years or more, and others are new in my life. But they are all the BEST kinds of friends a girl could have. TRUE FRIENDS.

There are other women, too. Women I used to go to church with, but now keep in touch with on Facebook. We don't hang out, but if they post something about a crisis they're going through or how they need prayer, I immediately feel compassion for them and often wish i could do something for them. Sometimes i am burdened for them for days, other times I just want to hug their neck! Again, these are women I never see! Just women i know and love. Women who are my sisters in Christ. Given their character, I am pretty certain that if I were to vent a frustration or concern, their reaction would be the same. 

I could honestly have coffee with any one of these people and tell them ANYTHING, and they would support me. Obviously, if i told them something good, something along the lines of school or career or a baby or a house, they would be excited & support me. But even if i told them something BAD. Even if i said i wanted to leave my husband, or I was getting addicted to alcohol or I wanted to start partying because I never did it in my college years, they would STILL love me!

No, they wouldn't agree with or support any of those choices (which, by the way, are NOT the case!). What I mean to say is they would still LOVE me through and through. I don't think they would turn their backs on me. I can see some of their faces as I think about this, and i know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they would still be there for me, they would still care about me, they would hug me & pray for me & do whatever they could do to help me.

And even if i made the wrong decision...even if i did leave my husband or refuse rehab or  start bar-hoppin' every weekend, they would still love me. I have no doubts about this. Sure, they would be shocked & worried & maybe even disgusted, but i know they would love me unconditionally.

 The reason i bring this up, is because I keep having friends of mine be hurt by others in the body of Christ. I keep seeing sisters in Christ tear each other down or criticize or condemn. And it bothers me. What is the point of this? So we can look more spiritual to others? So we can sit up on our spiritual high horse? Because we are jealous? I don't know why some christians feel the need to treat others this way, but i will say this: It is wrong!

I am not saying that the women in my life have NEVER said ANYTHING to hurt me. Of course they have, and i have to them. Most of my closest friends were my roomies at one time or another, and we are human, after all. We will say things we don't mean in the heat of the moment, and we will also say things intended to be of help, when the truth is it didn't help a single bit. These aren't the situations I am referring to; I'm not talking about mistakes. I am talking about HURTING our sisters in christ. I am talking about kicking somebody while they're already down.

Sometimes, when your husband or mom or boss or client is being mean, you should be able to pour all that out to a friend without being judged or criticized. Without being kicked. You should have a friend to go to when your life is crumbling all around you, a friend you know will have your back, a friend you know is there for you no matter what. Even if you have your own problems and are somewhat to blame for whatever is going on - these are not times a true friend would bring that up. These are times a true friend or a true sister in Christ shouldn't do anything but listen, support, care, pray!

I bring this up because I keep seeing this happening! I see it on Facebook and i hear about it from friends of mine who really are hurting. Some of my closest friends have recently been so hurt by others and it makes me angry! What is the point of all that? Why is your first reaction when somebody confides in you or when somebody asks for prayer or, gosh, when somebody posts something on facebook - why is it to judge? Or criticize? or blame? Or to (gasp!) UNFRIEND?

I say that last one a little facetiously, because I think it's silly to unfriend someone because they posted something you disagreed with. Now, i am NOT talking about the person that posts CONSTANT political or religious bashing, or the person who only posts Candy Crush updates. I get that, haha! I also understand having to let go of people who do nothing but pour negativity in your life when you are trying to stay positive. I get that too. I am not talking about things like that. I am talking about when you like a person & then you disagree with ONE THING that person says, and you unfriend them. REALLY?

 Seriously, isn't this world full of Know-It-Alls and Judgy MacJudgerson's and spiritual goody-goodies, already?! And do we, as christian women, really think God is so impressed by our ability to stand up & challenge or confront? No. I don't think He is. Obviously, there is a time and a place for confrontation, but that's another post. What i am talking about here is being a true Sister in Christ. Loving people, even at their worst. I mean, that's what Jesus did, right? And that's what He calls us to do.

I read this post on Beth Moore's blog this week, after already thinking about this topic for days. And these quotes really stuck with me:

"I kept thinking how believers attack one another and sling stones at each other like the other can’t bruise or break. And all the while that person may be in so much personal pain that it’s nearly unbearable."

"Life is hard enough without hatefulness rife in the Body of Christ. We are called to carry one another’s burdens, not pile relentlessly on top of them. We can still hold one another accountable. We can still ask questions. We can still disagree. But we can do it with respect." 

And this: "I’m sick of the bullying. The mud-slinging and the meanness. I’m sick of careless, idle words thrown out there in the public square and professing believers in Christ standing on the necks of their own brothers and sisters to sound smart and superior. As if it’s not enough that we are surrounded in this culture by Christian haters, we’ve got to have our own hater-Christians. It’s insane."

Seriously, i wanted to get up & shout when i read this.  That is what i am trying to say! I know there is a time to speak the truth, and I am not suggesting you turn a blind eye if your friend is seriously falling off the deep end! Obviously, you talk to them, but can you do it with LOVE? That's what the Bible says. To go to someone in LOVE. I know we all know that, but I am starting to wonder if we even know what love IS.

I guess this is long enough, and I don't even know if i am writing a clear & concise post! Hopefully, though, it will at least help us to think before we speak. To consider that there may be more than meets the eye. To use some understanding & compassion. To love.

1 Corinthians 13:1-8

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love,
I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.
If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, 
and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.  
If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast,
 but do not have love, I gain nothing.
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.  
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

NEWS FLASH: BlogLovin' DOES have a next button!

I didn't mean to start a debate on which is better, but MAN! I was leaning towards Feedly, but now I am most definitely leaning towards BlogLovin'! WHY??? Because BlogLovin', like Google Reader, has a NEXT button!!


This changes everything.

Side note! If this post has taken you off guard, you might want to read the last one. I am basically picking up where we left off. :)

Some of you didn't know what the Next button with Google Reader was. I told you not to worry about it, because I don't want you to be so sad that you were unaware of it all this time! But since you asked... it was (is, but  not for long) a "goodie" where you could drag a "NEXT" button to your toolbar. Then when you were ready to catch up on some blog reading, instead of going to your reader, you would just click "next" & it would take you straight to the next unread blog in your reader. TO THE ACTUAL BLOG, not to the blog in your reader! I LOVED this, because i like going to the actual blog. I want to see the design. I want to comment right then & there. I just like it! It's more personal, maybe? I don't know.

I did not see a next button on BlogLovin' or Feedly. Obviously i didn't do enough exploring.

THANK YOU, Erika & Melissa Jo, for sharing with me about BlogLovin's next button! I am SOLD!!! (I just checked to see if Feedly has this, but as far as i can tell, it does NOT. The only "next" button i see, only takes you to the next blog but while keeping you in Feedly.)

For those of you want this mysterious "next" button, whenever you go to someone's blog (by clicking the first blog in your feed in BlogLovin'), it will give you a new little navigation bar underneath your tool bar! It says "newer" & "older", not "NEXT" but it's the SAME THING! It works the SAME WAY! WHAT!?! :)

Well, I just wanted to catch everyone up on that post from before! Now... if you will excuse me, i have some blog reading to do! From BlogLovin'! (I just deleted my Google Reader next button just so i automatically use Bloglovin! Ha!)

P.S. Is there a way to find out who your followers are on BlogLovin?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Silly/Serious Little Vent. {Or, Why i will not miss Google Reader!}

Have you ever tried to UNsubscribe to a blog? You subscribed thinking you loved them & then realized quickly it just wasn't meant to be... but Google Reader WOULD NOT ALLOW YOU TO UNSUBSCRIBE?! Y'all. Seriously. There was one but now there are two blogs that i just CANNOT unfollow. It started with the one. The reason i followed it is because it is a low-carb recipe blog which i thought would be good. However, this blogger posts never and then all of a sudden posts A MINIMUM OF 14 posts in one sitting. And why this annoys me? I don't know. But it does. Because i hit my little next button which brings me to the next blog & i am STILL SEEING THIS BLOG! Over & over again! I don't even read the content now because I am quickly trying to get off of this blog!

Also, the design is really ugly. And as ashamed as i am to admit it, that is part of the reason why i am trying to quickly go to the next blog!

Anyway, recently i tried to unfollow another strange blog that is not even a blog i can imagine wanting to follow in the first place. It's just about wall street and other things i wouldn't be reading about. I unfollowed & suddenly it's BACK in my reader. It's this mysterious thing that happens, and it happened the same way for the other one. WILL NOT GO AWAY. This has been going on with the first one for probably a year, and when i tell you there is nothing i can do, i mean it! There's nowhere on her blog to unsubscribe. But if you unsubscribe the regular way, through reader, it acknowledges it & then RESUBSCRIBES YOU later on! RUDE!

The only way to fix this is to EMAIL the person who writes the blog, and what would that solve really? First of all, I do not at all want to hurt this person's feelings! Really! And secondly, I don't know if there is anything she can do about it! I mean, if someone wrote me saying they couldn't unfollow me & to please unsubscribe them, i wouldn't know how to go about doing that! So... it stays my secret (until now...oops!). :oP

The newer blog I have tried to unfollow, well. It's only happened once (the resubscribing thing), but i know what is happening now! It's going to be another dreaded blog that NEVER EVER leaves my feed! AHHHHH!

This is why i am not sad to see Google Reader go. There have been far too many glitches. And this is the worst one of all! And i may seem like a lunatic to you all. And I'm sorry. But man! I just don't want to see that blog again! It is not good to post 17 posts in a minute! I mean, two is fine with me. I don't care if you post 3 or 4 in a day. I would say 7 is crossing a line. And i know most think 2 is crossing a line! So i feel like I'm being generous here! It is like recipe overload from this woman!

By the way, after hearing about BlogLovin, I started hearing about Feedly. So now i am on BOTH so i can check them BOTH. There is a chance I'm leaning towards Feedly. It's cuter. And that is a sad reason to choose one over the other. Well, it's cleaner. Maybe that's what I'm trying to say. Both are cute though! I took these screenshots of Feedly on my iPhone. I definitely love the app version of it!

I put the blogs I read in categories. Basically, all of YOU go in the "friendship blogs" category (some of you ARE my real friends & some i feel like we are, or could be!). And then celeb blogs is actual famous people (like Beth Moore) & famous bloggers (like Kelle Hampton or Pioneer Woman). I also have a category for photography blogs & food/health related blogs, for blogs i follow that only blog about those things. But it's cute, huh? I like it.

And this is kind of how the feed looks. :)

I will say that the app/site for BOTH bloglovin & feedly are better looking than google reader, anyway.

Although I sure will miss that NEXT button. (If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it.  You're better off not knowing. Because it's about to be taken from us anyway. SOB!)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Another Zoo Date!

My husband and I live right across the street from our city's zoo. Brad lived here first, and I moved here when we got married. I remember saying, "I haven't been to the zoo in ages! We should go on a date there one day!" He agreed. FOUR years later, we actually went! Finally, right?! We went October of last year, when the zoo was having a special event that caused our friends Billy & Mandy to work there, selling funnel cakes & stuff for the event. Our friends gave us free tickets, so that was our first time to go! That was in October. For our anniversary in November, we went to the New Orleans Zoo. And then yesterday, there was another zoo event, our friends worked there again, and they gave us free tickets again! Ha. I am kind of liking how this is working out. :) 

Anyway, so we went yesterday & we had a great time! I brought my camera for some practice, and was slightly worried that there wouldn't be anything new to take pictures of. How silly of me! The otters, who we didn't see at all last time, had just been fed fish and were running & swimming around like CRAZY! There was an elephant demonstration at 10:30 that we showed up just in time for! And y'all...an albino peacock. Have you ever seen one of these?! I hadn't either. 

Wow! Beautiful! I've always thought regular peacocks were gorgeous. And they are! But nothing compared to this one! Just so elegant! 

The elephant demonstration was pretty cool. They had two trainers come out & the girl had the elephant sit for us, lay down for us, pick up a giant piece of wood & walk with it, catch a baton & take a bow. Other things I am probably forgetting. It was so cute, though! 

After awhile, we made our way to the tent where one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world was working. They own a business where they bring snow to parties & such. Ha! Down here, you have to actually MAKE snow if you want any. :) So they have a very successful business where events & families hire them to do snow parties! It's pretty cool (actually, it's COLD. Ha!). Anyway, they also often get jobs selling sno-cones or funnel cakes or smoothies. And that's what they were doing today. Actually, Mandy was. Billy was working somewhere else. But it was SO GOOD to see my Mandy! I love her! 

I just love her. And doesn't she look good in those colors?! I think so. She also got a couple of pics of me and my love! 

Ha! We are silly sometimes pretty much all the time.

Brad got funnel cake, but i didn't eat ANY. Not one bite! Not one crumb! No, siree! 

After visiting with Mandy a bit, we did some more walking around. I was kind of whiny at this point, because i was STARVING. Ha! So we quickly went through the rest of the zoo. Saw some more fun animals! I thought this turtle was pretty hilarious. I have to say, I've never seen a turtle's NOSE before...until now! 

There were also screaming monkeys. And by screaming, i mean, SCREAMING. See? 

That is insane. And they weren't mad...seemed to be playing is all! There were three of them, and they could be heard from the moment you walked into the zoo! Crazy! 

The beautiful tigers are always my favorite. :) I seriously just want to pet them! 

It was a wonderful day!! We really enjoyed it! Can't wait to the next zoo date! 


Friday, April 5, 2013

Life updates!

How ARE you?! Long time, no talk! I am slowly but surely catching up on my blog reading tonight. Man, it felt SO GOOD to come home tonight & sit in my favorite spot in our living room! I have moved very little since I got home at almost 6:00. The other days this week I have gone straight from work to the theater, where I am stage managing a hilarious british farce called Move Over, Mrs. Markham. Such a funny show!

But no rehearsal tonight, WHEW! And I am so glad to spend an evening at home! Tomorrow we are going to the zoo. Our friends are working there for a special kids event, so they gave us some comp tickets. The last time we went, same reason. That was for Boo at the Zoo in October. This is for Zippity Zoo Days. So basically the only 2 times in our 4+ years of marriage that we have been to the zoo (across the street, I might add) is when it's PACKED with children for fun events. Oh-well. :) It's free. And we get to see two of our favorite people, Billy & Mandy!

So, how are things going? Some updates on how life has been over here...

Work is good. For those new here, I work for Eye Wander Photo as an Office Manager.  Monday was good. Tuesday & Wednesday were kind of stressful. Thursday & Friday were great. It's still a new to me job, and there is still a LOT for me to learn, but hey - it's for a PHOTOGRAPHY business. Do you know i love photography!? I haven't learned anything about editing or shooting yet, as I am still learning the database, organizing emails & schedules, talking to clients, etc! One fun thing is i get to handle all of the social media! I mean, y'all. How fun is that? If you follow his blog (you should!), it is more than likely ME doing the posting (as of the last week or so). If you follow him on instagram (eyewanderphoto), it's going to be ME behind that most of the time (haven't started doing that yet!). And when i post on his blog, I immediately Facebook, Tweet & Pin. I mean... how fun to get to do this & get paid?!

I DID assist on a baby shoot this week, and man. It's tough when your baby fever is SKY HIGH. You don't want to yank the baby out of their hands & RUN, but what's a girl to do?! I kid, I kid. One day I'll have a kid of my own to take cute pics with. ;) Anyway, this baby boy was a DOLL. I'll link you to the blog when that one is ready, just to prove it to you! It was a fun shoot. I got nervous because my boss will ask me to hold a reflector or plug up a light thing or something & I don't know how. But thankfully i got it after awhile & hopefully will remember for next time. :)

And yes, I shamelessly just added the links to ALL of the EWP's social media.

Oh! You have to check out our staff photo shoot! SO fun! 

Ah, my happy place. Always. Almost 7 years now I have been a part of this place. I absolutely love it there. Right now I am stage managing Move Over, Mrs. Markham. We have a great cast. We have been doing blocking so far. That's where the director tells you where to move & when, & you (as the actor) write it in your script so you remember for next time, and you (as the stage manager) write it in your script so you remember it for next time when the actor who hasn't written it down correctly walks to the wrong place & the director notices & asks you if that's right... And it's all very particular because if you have one actor walk to one place, but instead he walks to another, or walks to the right place at the wrong time, then he may upstage another actor.

And there you have a teeny bit of theater education!

Anyway, the cast is so funny, and once they know their lines & have their blocking down pat, i am going to probably be CRYING from laughter! This show is written by Ray Cooney. Last year (or the year before?) I did a show by him called It Runs in the Family. Oh, y'all. SO FUNNY. I swore i would never turn down a Ray Cooney show.

Also some of my favorite theater people were cast in it, so that's always good. And i have a friend co-sm'ing with me. I am training her so she can SM future shows on her own. But it's also good because some nights I can be home while she is stage managing by herself! Since she knows what to do for rehearsals now! She was out of town last week, which is why i did it all week. But starting next week we will alternate nights until tech week, so i can show her some more stuff!

I am doing Ideal Protein! I have fallen in love with this diet! They told me Days 1-3 are the hardest. They said possibly the first week. Day 1 was tough. Day 2 was TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, VERY BAD & NO GOOD! I was HONGRY, had a killer headache all day, and NO energy. At all. But on day 3 there was a tiny breakthrough. Still hungry, still a little tired, but only a mild headache! On Thursday, i felt fine. FINE! Today, Day 5? I feel great!

I just can't wait to see how much i lose on my first weigh-in. I am SO THANKFUL that I am finally able to do this diet. It was recommended to me years ago by the metabolic clinic i go to & by my personal trainer at the time, but I declined because of the money. But now, desperate times call for desperate measures. SO THANKFUL for a supportive husband who has gotten the budget set up so that we can afford it (without going into savings which originally we thought we would have to do!  And we may have to, but not at this point.)

It's going to be the first thing that has worked for me. And not for lack of trying!

I tried & tried to write something here, without flaunting the joy that we have in marriage. But sometimes i just have to shout it! Brad is so sweet, so understanding & I am SO thankful. We were just talking about how so many people say that marriage is hard. I am not disputing that! But in our experience - so far - it's not marriage that is hard. It's LIFE that is hard...and we are lucky enough to go through it together! After pondering what it was i wanted to say, I ended up posting this on Facebook, and yep! That pretty much sums it up!
I know it's not an anniversary or anything. And MAN, do i try not to go overboard with the lovey-dovey stuff online. It tends to get eye-rolls and accusations of not painting an accurate picture of marriage. But can i please just say that marriage to Brad is the best thing that has ever happened to me? Because it is. When everything else falls apart, he is still there encouraging me, making me laugh or giving me a "brad-hug". I love him, I love him, I love him - and the best part? He loves me too!!!
File that under "words I can't spell without help". I didn't look it up, though, so forgive me if it's wrong! I am a good speller! I was the last one standing at the 8th grade spelling bee. Actually one guy beat me but he was the smartest kid in school and i was NOT, so it made me feel pretty smart! Ha! Here are some miscellaneous things I feel like sharing...

-On the interstate... When someone is in the lane next to me & my lane is "exit only" so i need to get over & they are RIGHT NEXT TO ME & will not speed up or slow down.... this makes me want to punch them in the face!

-It's cold again in Louisiana. LOUISIANA. In APRIL. Should be spring-like or HOT. But cold? Rare. But I'm good with it. It's not freezing. Just chilly. I'm okay with that!

-There is an app called iDrated. You record how much water you have drank. drunk. had.  I have found drinking 64 oz per day (as required on my new diet) is not hard like i thought it would be. Apparently i was drinking that much anyway, just not in a cup that showed me how many ounces. I am now drinking out of a 32 ounce bottle & EASILY drink 3 of them per day. So i don't feel like i need this app now. But if you struggle to get in all your water, i think it's a pretty cool (free) app!

-Is pretty much everything on your Facebook newsfeed one or many of the following: Missing child pics, missing teenager pics, missing dog pics, mean political snubs, mean religious snubs, "please like this picture so i can win ________" posts???

Yep. Me too.

This post is entirely too long. That's what happens when you go all week without updating. It's pictureless too. That's a result of laziness. Forgive me? It's late. I need my bed.