Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Silly/Serious Little Vent. {Or, Why i will not miss Google Reader!}

Have you ever tried to UNsubscribe to a blog? You subscribed thinking you loved them & then realized quickly it just wasn't meant to be... but Google Reader WOULD NOT ALLOW YOU TO UNSUBSCRIBE?! Y'all. Seriously. There was one but now there are two blogs that i just CANNOT unfollow. It started with the one. The reason i followed it is because it is a low-carb recipe blog which i thought would be good. However, this blogger posts never and then all of a sudden posts A MINIMUM OF 14 posts in one sitting. And why this annoys me? I don't know. But it does. Because i hit my little next button which brings me to the next blog & i am STILL SEEING THIS BLOG! Over & over again! I don't even read the content now because I am quickly trying to get off of this blog!

Also, the design is really ugly. And as ashamed as i am to admit it, that is part of the reason why i am trying to quickly go to the next blog!

Anyway, recently i tried to unfollow another strange blog that is not even a blog i can imagine wanting to follow in the first place. It's just about wall street and other things i wouldn't be reading about. I unfollowed & suddenly it's BACK in my reader. It's this mysterious thing that happens, and it happened the same way for the other one. WILL NOT GO AWAY. This has been going on with the first one for probably a year, and when i tell you there is nothing i can do, i mean it! There's nowhere on her blog to unsubscribe. But if you unsubscribe the regular way, through reader, it acknowledges it & then RESUBSCRIBES YOU later on! RUDE!

The only way to fix this is to EMAIL the person who writes the blog, and what would that solve really? First of all, I do not at all want to hurt this person's feelings! Really! And secondly, I don't know if there is anything she can do about it! I mean, if someone wrote me saying they couldn't unfollow me & to please unsubscribe them, i wouldn't know how to go about doing that! So... it stays my secret (until now...oops!). :oP

The newer blog I have tried to unfollow, well. It's only happened once (the resubscribing thing), but i know what is happening now! It's going to be another dreaded blog that NEVER EVER leaves my feed! AHHHHH!

This is why i am not sad to see Google Reader go. There have been far too many glitches. And this is the worst one of all! And i may seem like a lunatic to you all. And I'm sorry. But man! I just don't want to see that blog again! It is not good to post 17 posts in a minute! I mean, two is fine with me. I don't care if you post 3 or 4 in a day. I would say 7 is crossing a line. And i know most think 2 is crossing a line! So i feel like I'm being generous here! It is like recipe overload from this woman!

By the way, after hearing about BlogLovin, I started hearing about Feedly. So now i am on BOTH so i can check them BOTH. There is a chance I'm leaning towards Feedly. It's cuter. And that is a sad reason to choose one over the other. Well, it's cleaner. Maybe that's what I'm trying to say. Both are cute though! I took these screenshots of Feedly on my iPhone. I definitely love the app version of it!

I put the blogs I read in categories. Basically, all of YOU go in the "friendship blogs" category (some of you ARE my real friends & some i feel like we are, or could be!). And then celeb blogs is actual famous people (like Beth Moore) & famous bloggers (like Kelle Hampton or Pioneer Woman). I also have a category for photography blogs & food/health related blogs, for blogs i follow that only blog about those things. But it's cute, huh? I like it.

And this is kind of how the feed looks. :)

I will say that the app/site for BOTH bloglovin & feedly are better looking than google reader, anyway.

Although I sure will miss that NEXT button. (If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it.  You're better off not knowing. Because it's about to be taken from us anyway. SOB!)

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