Friday, April 5, 2013

Life updates!

How ARE you?! Long time, no talk! I am slowly but surely catching up on my blog reading tonight. Man, it felt SO GOOD to come home tonight & sit in my favorite spot in our living room! I have moved very little since I got home at almost 6:00. The other days this week I have gone straight from work to the theater, where I am stage managing a hilarious british farce called Move Over, Mrs. Markham. Such a funny show!

But no rehearsal tonight, WHEW! And I am so glad to spend an evening at home! Tomorrow we are going to the zoo. Our friends are working there for a special kids event, so they gave us some comp tickets. The last time we went, same reason. That was for Boo at the Zoo in October. This is for Zippity Zoo Days. So basically the only 2 times in our 4+ years of marriage that we have been to the zoo (across the street, I might add) is when it's PACKED with children for fun events. Oh-well. :) It's free. And we get to see two of our favorite people, Billy & Mandy!

So, how are things going? Some updates on how life has been over here...

Work is good. For those new here, I work for Eye Wander Photo as an Office Manager.  Monday was good. Tuesday & Wednesday were kind of stressful. Thursday & Friday were great. It's still a new to me job, and there is still a LOT for me to learn, but hey - it's for a PHOTOGRAPHY business. Do you know i love photography!? I haven't learned anything about editing or shooting yet, as I am still learning the database, organizing emails & schedules, talking to clients, etc! One fun thing is i get to handle all of the social media! I mean, y'all. How fun is that? If you follow his blog (you should!), it is more than likely ME doing the posting (as of the last week or so). If you follow him on instagram (eyewanderphoto), it's going to be ME behind that most of the time (haven't started doing that yet!). And when i post on his blog, I immediately Facebook, Tweet & Pin. I mean... how fun to get to do this & get paid?!

I DID assist on a baby shoot this week, and man. It's tough when your baby fever is SKY HIGH. You don't want to yank the baby out of their hands & RUN, but what's a girl to do?! I kid, I kid. One day I'll have a kid of my own to take cute pics with. ;) Anyway, this baby boy was a DOLL. I'll link you to the blog when that one is ready, just to prove it to you! It was a fun shoot. I got nervous because my boss will ask me to hold a reflector or plug up a light thing or something & I don't know how. But thankfully i got it after awhile & hopefully will remember for next time. :)

And yes, I shamelessly just added the links to ALL of the EWP's social media.

Oh! You have to check out our staff photo shoot! SO fun! 

Ah, my happy place. Always. Almost 7 years now I have been a part of this place. I absolutely love it there. Right now I am stage managing Move Over, Mrs. Markham. We have a great cast. We have been doing blocking so far. That's where the director tells you where to move & when, & you (as the actor) write it in your script so you remember for next time, and you (as the stage manager) write it in your script so you remember it for next time when the actor who hasn't written it down correctly walks to the wrong place & the director notices & asks you if that's right... And it's all very particular because if you have one actor walk to one place, but instead he walks to another, or walks to the right place at the wrong time, then he may upstage another actor.

And there you have a teeny bit of theater education!

Anyway, the cast is so funny, and once they know their lines & have their blocking down pat, i am going to probably be CRYING from laughter! This show is written by Ray Cooney. Last year (or the year before?) I did a show by him called It Runs in the Family. Oh, y'all. SO FUNNY. I swore i would never turn down a Ray Cooney show.

Also some of my favorite theater people were cast in it, so that's always good. And i have a friend co-sm'ing with me. I am training her so she can SM future shows on her own. But it's also good because some nights I can be home while she is stage managing by herself! Since she knows what to do for rehearsals now! She was out of town last week, which is why i did it all week. But starting next week we will alternate nights until tech week, so i can show her some more stuff!

I am doing Ideal Protein! I have fallen in love with this diet! They told me Days 1-3 are the hardest. They said possibly the first week. Day 1 was tough. Day 2 was TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, VERY BAD & NO GOOD! I was HONGRY, had a killer headache all day, and NO energy. At all. But on day 3 there was a tiny breakthrough. Still hungry, still a little tired, but only a mild headache! On Thursday, i felt fine. FINE! Today, Day 5? I feel great!

I just can't wait to see how much i lose on my first weigh-in. I am SO THANKFUL that I am finally able to do this diet. It was recommended to me years ago by the metabolic clinic i go to & by my personal trainer at the time, but I declined because of the money. But now, desperate times call for desperate measures. SO THANKFUL for a supportive husband who has gotten the budget set up so that we can afford it (without going into savings which originally we thought we would have to do!  And we may have to, but not at this point.)

It's going to be the first thing that has worked for me. And not for lack of trying!

I tried & tried to write something here, without flaunting the joy that we have in marriage. But sometimes i just have to shout it! Brad is so sweet, so understanding & I am SO thankful. We were just talking about how so many people say that marriage is hard. I am not disputing that! But in our experience - so far - it's not marriage that is hard. It's LIFE that is hard...and we are lucky enough to go through it together! After pondering what it was i wanted to say, I ended up posting this on Facebook, and yep! That pretty much sums it up!
I know it's not an anniversary or anything. And MAN, do i try not to go overboard with the lovey-dovey stuff online. It tends to get eye-rolls and accusations of not painting an accurate picture of marriage. But can i please just say that marriage to Brad is the best thing that has ever happened to me? Because it is. When everything else falls apart, he is still there encouraging me, making me laugh or giving me a "brad-hug". I love him, I love him, I love him - and the best part? He loves me too!!!
File that under "words I can't spell without help". I didn't look it up, though, so forgive me if it's wrong! I am a good speller! I was the last one standing at the 8th grade spelling bee. Actually one guy beat me but he was the smartest kid in school and i was NOT, so it made me feel pretty smart! Ha! Here are some miscellaneous things I feel like sharing...

-On the interstate... When someone is in the lane next to me & my lane is "exit only" so i need to get over & they are RIGHT NEXT TO ME & will not speed up or slow down.... this makes me want to punch them in the face!

-It's cold again in Louisiana. LOUISIANA. In APRIL. Should be spring-like or HOT. But cold? Rare. But I'm good with it. It's not freezing. Just chilly. I'm okay with that!

-There is an app called iDrated. You record how much water you have drank. drunk. had.  I have found drinking 64 oz per day (as required on my new diet) is not hard like i thought it would be. Apparently i was drinking that much anyway, just not in a cup that showed me how many ounces. I am now drinking out of a 32 ounce bottle & EASILY drink 3 of them per day. So i don't feel like i need this app now. But if you struggle to get in all your water, i think it's a pretty cool (free) app!

-Is pretty much everything on your Facebook newsfeed one or many of the following: Missing child pics, missing teenager pics, missing dog pics, mean political snubs, mean religious snubs, "please like this picture so i can win ________" posts???

Yep. Me too.

This post is entirely too long. That's what happens when you go all week without updating. It's pictureless too. That's a result of laziness. Forgive me? It's late. I need my bed.


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