Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Midweek Confessions {warning: much frustration vented here.}

I am so sorry I haven't blogged. I have actually had the time, but I haven't been able to put into words the - wait a minute. This part belongs in the actual confessions part of this post. :)

Today I will be linking up with Elizabeth for Midweek Confessions. I've been reading her blog for quite some time now, and i just love her. She is funny. And she's a teacher. I love teachers! Her confessions are always hilarious because i can so relate to them. Sad but true, haha! I don't know why I've never joined in, though. But i am feeling particularly confession-ish today. Possibly because i have some things to confess? We shall see!

Confession #1 - As I was starting to say in my introduction, I haven't blogged because the only thing on my mind shouldn't be blogged about yet. Actually, it can be, but i'm not ready. I haven't been ready, I mean. But... I think I might be ready now.

Confession #2 - The thing is, this: I have had more feelings of ANGER in the past five days than I have had in probably the past year. Or maybe three years. I am not kidding.

Confession #3 - I am realizing now that with each confession this might get a little bit juicier. Not that i want it to, but... I keep having to share a little more of the reason i am angry!

Confession #4 (also known as Background Info): As some of you know, back in February, I quit the job I had because i was incredibly miserable & stressed out & that was not good. I was only able to quit because i got a job that was perfect for me in every way, that fell in my lap, & that definitely had to be a God-thing. (For the record, I still believe it was a God-thing. To get me away from a very miserable/stressful work environment, if anything.)

Confession #5 - On Saturday morning, i was enjoying my weekend but fully intending to go to work on Monday morning. By Saturday afternoon, I had no job for Monday morning. Yes, my boss called me in on a Saturday, had my desk packed up, gave me my last check, assured me i did nothing wrong, and that's it. No more amazing job for me. Hey, no job for me, PERIOD!

Confession #6 - Those of you who have been here awhile... do you feel like you need to re-read my 5th confession again & again to make sure you read it right? Are you staring at it with your mouth open, in shock & disbelief? Well, guess what? MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!

Confession #7 - I HUGGED him when i left on Saturday. After i was laid off for no good reason. After he did this to me. I was shell-shocked, I think, so i HUGGED him! I honestly should've punched him in the face!

Confession #8 - The thought of applying for jobs again and of interviewing again makes me want to cry. Actually, i have cried. A LOT. 

Confession #9 - Every time something like this happens to me, I wonder if I am being punished for not finishing school & getting my degree. (Please do not comment that i should go back to school! Unless you are paying for it & taking my math & sciences classes for me!)

Confession #10 - "Everything that glitters isn't gold." & "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.": These are the two statements I wanted to post on Facebook when it happened. But I refrained. I didn't want people to know what happened. I was embarrassed. Three days in, i still don't want to post it on Facebook. But I am okay with blogging about it.

Confession #11 - I realize the last confession makes no sense.

Confession #12 - I cheated on my diet for the first time since starting it, and I am sure we can blame the boss who laid me off for no reason, with no warning. This was a classic case of emotional eating, but i am proud to brag confess that i picked myself back up, when straight back to eating right, and still saw a loss! (9.3 pounds in 3 weeks, y'all! PRAISE THE LORD!)

Confession #13 - I have enjoyed the time off. It's like vacation, as long as i am not thinking about the fact that i am jobless!!! Again!

Confession #14 - Even though this sucks BIGTIME, and i am still harboring some anger & resentment & disappointment &, well, SHOCK... I know that God is with me...that he has a better job in store for me. He's already surrounded me with some seriously supportive family & friends...AND He got me an interview for next Tuesday! :)

*  *  *  * 

The end. And, Elizabeth, if you are reading this... i am so sorry my first confession post was all negative!!! Same to my lovely readers. Hopefully my next post will be much, MUCH happier & sweeter! :)

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