Thursday, April 11, 2013

NEWS FLASH: BlogLovin' DOES have a next button!

I didn't mean to start a debate on which is better, but MAN! I was leaning towards Feedly, but now I am most definitely leaning towards BlogLovin'! WHY??? Because BlogLovin', like Google Reader, has a NEXT button!!


This changes everything.

Side note! If this post has taken you off guard, you might want to read the last one. I am basically picking up where we left off. :)

Some of you didn't know what the Next button with Google Reader was. I told you not to worry about it, because I don't want you to be so sad that you were unaware of it all this time! But since you asked... it was (is, but  not for long) a "goodie" where you could drag a "NEXT" button to your toolbar. Then when you were ready to catch up on some blog reading, instead of going to your reader, you would just click "next" & it would take you straight to the next unread blog in your reader. TO THE ACTUAL BLOG, not to the blog in your reader! I LOVED this, because i like going to the actual blog. I want to see the design. I want to comment right then & there. I just like it! It's more personal, maybe? I don't know.

I did not see a next button on BlogLovin' or Feedly. Obviously i didn't do enough exploring.

THANK YOU, Erika & Melissa Jo, for sharing with me about BlogLovin's next button! I am SOLD!!! (I just checked to see if Feedly has this, but as far as i can tell, it does NOT. The only "next" button i see, only takes you to the next blog but while keeping you in Feedly.)

For those of you want this mysterious "next" button, whenever you go to someone's blog (by clicking the first blog in your feed in BlogLovin'), it will give you a new little navigation bar underneath your tool bar! It says "newer" & "older", not "NEXT" but it's the SAME THING! It works the SAME WAY! WHAT!?! :)

Well, I just wanted to catch everyone up on that post from before! Now... if you will excuse me, i have some blog reading to do! From BlogLovin'! (I just deleted my Google Reader next button just so i automatically use Bloglovin! Ha!)

P.S. Is there a way to find out who your followers are on BlogLovin?

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