Sunday, April 28, 2013

Praise & Prayer

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Today i have 2 praises to mention & 2 prayer requests!


So the anger I have been speaking of lately? About what went wrong with my job, and how it was handled (if you have no idea what i am talking about, read this post & then this one)? Well, I am feeling that anger dissipate. I mean... I still maintain that the situation was handled wrong, but I also keep remembering the verse my friend shared with me:

And Job answered God, "I'm convinced. You can do anything & everything. Nothing and no one can upset your plans for me!" (Job 42:1, the Message). I mean, who can argue with that?! There's no situation and no person that can mess up what God has planned for my life. Today, our pastor talked about our stories...how God is writing our story...and i learned again - nothing can upset that plan! Nothing is going to happen to me that will take God by surprise. He knows all, and He can do anything.

I have forgiven. I forgave by faith immediately, but sometimes it takes awhile for your feelings to catch up with your faith. You know what I mean? Anyway... the anger is subsiding.

The truth is, I know that this is all part of the plan. If working for Eye Wander was just a temporary thing to get me away from my job before it.... if it was just a stepping stone to the next big thing...then okay. I can deal with that.

So that is my praise! That today was one full of JOY & a belief that God is good all the time. A big difference from last Sunday when i was still in shock & disbelief, when i was still furious & hurt. And anxious. God is good. And he will prove faithful in this situation just as he always has.

My other praise is that I HAVE LOST NINE POINT FOUR POUNDS IN THREE WEEKS!!!!!! This Tuesday I weigh again, to see what i lost in my first month on Ideal Protein. I AM THRILLED.

Okay, whew! Now, my prayer requests!


I pray that I will stay strong on this diet. I know some people have their opinions on dieting, but what i need people to understand is that when you get to be obese, sometimes you NEED HELP. Sometimes you cannot just "eat less & move more" & see results. I promise you... I have tried everything, sticking to it, without cheating. I have done EVERYTHING recommended for months on end, without result. I am so thankful for this diet because it knows just what i need!

The deal is that you cannot succeed on Ideal Protein if you are going to cheat. My first two weeks I didn't cheat at all. Then i lost my job. And I had mexican. I got right back on plan and still saw a loss. But then last week, i cheated again. I got back on track again, and pray i still see a loss. I know it was one cheat, in a week, but cheating is a slippery slope. Next thing you know, you're eating the wrong things more than you're following the diet! And i can't have that. I have to follow it, i have to see the success that i have been longing for, for years now!

So please pray that i get solid in this diet, that there is NO CHEATING. That my mindset goes back to what it was in the first two weeks. SOLID. STRONG. UNBENDING.

The other prayer request is for my job interview on Tuesday. It's at 1:00 and it's for one of our local hospitals. I don't know how much it pays, but i want it! I have always wanted to work in a hospital or doctor's office (not sure why, since i do not do medical!). Every time i have applied, I've never even gotten a call. This time, just 2 days after i apply, i get a call for an interview! So I'm excited. Please pray that i give good answers to whatever i am asked. Please pray i make a good impression. I know God will take care of the rest! If it is meant to be, i will get that job. But it would be nice if it WAS in His plan for me! If I didn't even have to continue to interview. If this was it. I know that when I lost my job, God knew what was next for me. It would be nice if "what was next" happened this soon. That's all. :)

Thanks, guys! Love to you all!

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