Monday, May 27, 2013

Mallory's headshots {photography practice}

Wow! What a weekend! I did three photo sessions. Two on Saturday morning & one yesterday evening. So much fun, y'all! I am loving this!

I met Mallory at the community theater that I've been a part of for the last 7 years. Her sister, Melissa, was in my first show (Beauty and the Beast). Mallory was working backstage for that show. Both girls are very talented. In fact, they both were cast in our summer musical, Les Miserables. That's a huge honor when you're auditioning with almost 300 other hopefuls & only 10 or so females are being cast!

This was my first time trying headshots, which means Mallory was my guinea pig! I am glad I had her for my first model! She said she's not really photogenic. Really? I beg to differ! ;) We only had about 30 minutes, but it went very well. She was fun, and y'all. I am obsessed with her eye color. Sometimes they're blue, sometimes they're green, and when I zoomed in on them, I discovered they're blue AND green. Really beautiful!

Here are my favorites from Mallory's session.


 Something about this one is very bad-ass to me. Like, if she's auditioning for Law & Order, this is the headshot she would use! Haha!
 A little attitude in this one! I love it! 

 Something about her expression reminds me of Jessica Biel. You see it?

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