Sunday, May 5, 2013

Natalie & Bradford's wedding!

Friday night, we went to the wedding of my beautiful friend, Natalie. I met her in 2006 during our first show at Baton Rouge Little Theater, Beauty and the Beast, and we have remained good friends through the years. I seriously made some lifelong friends in that cast!

Natalie was proposed to via flash mob (which i just watched again, and cried again!) and I knew their wedding would be just as special. There were touches of LSU everywhere, from the gold bridesmaids dresses to purple bouquets, to an LSU football stadium groom's cake! The LSU theme is very fitting, as they're both recent LSU law school graduates, plus she was an LSU golden girl as an undergrad. She also had a cute little llama at each table at the reception (this has nothing to do with LSU, Natalie is just obsessed with llamas!).

The ceremony was held at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Plaquemine, Louisiana. What a beautiful church! Everything was so elegant.

 This picture is a little blurry, but i LOVE it. They're so happy! 

The reception was held a few minutes away at Nottoway Plantation. GORGEOUS plantation home in White Castle, Louisiana.

The wedding party made their entrance to the LSU Fight Song. They all wore purple or gold sunglasses. Honestly - it was adorable! 

Brad & I had a great time visiting with friends we haven't seen in awhile. Actually, several of these we only see at weddings these days! Haha!

 Lauren & Dan
 Susan & Chris (She is glowing! Susan is gonna be a bride herself in 3 months!)

 Evan & Sara 

Charlynn & her new boyfriend, Andy!

The groom's cake was AMAZING. This pic does not do it justice! 


 Finally got to meet my friend Noel's fiance! :) 

Me, Charlynn & Evan! 

 Me & my sweet love (i need a haircut so bad!)

 I love her so much!

Us with the bride! (I have no idea why Brad is laughing!)

Love her! What a beautiful bride!

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  1. Just saw this post and it made me happy! Love you, Mel!


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