Saturday, May 18, 2013

Adalynn, 12 months {photography practice}

Oooh, I am having some serious photography fever! I just want to keep practicing! Of course, I would decide I want to practice more a week before my new job starts! I wish I'd been doing this during my entire break!

Yesterday, I had a shoot with my friend Lauren's daughter, Adalynn. I met Lauren in my first bootcamp class back in 2011. I didn't know anybody, and plopped myself down on a mat next to her & we just hit it off. We became "bootcamp buddies" ...always on the same team, helping each other out. She moved away right after having Adalynn, but recently moved back. So, this was my first time to actually meet the little cutie pie!

I absolutely loved her. She was simply ADORABLE, giving me the sweetest smile or pucker or laugh. And those eyes! Love.



 P.S. I now have a photography page on Facebook. Feel free to like it here! :)

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