Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Malaya, 14 months {photography practice}

Recently I was just itching to practice some photography! I hadn't done it in awhile, and I was ready to get my camera out again! I put a call out on facebook for models, and within minutes had several people willing to let me use them - or their child - for practice!

Yesterday was the first of those sessions. I practiced on a beautiful little girl named Malaya. I met Malaya's mom, Megan, when I first started working at Aveda. She graduated soon after, though. Malaya, who they affectionately call Mae-Mae, is now 14 months old, and just adorable. I love her complexion, her lips, and her chocolate brown eyes. Gorgeous!

Some challenges: I had told Megan that 11 am or 5 pm would be best, lighting-wise. Well, I should have said 9 or 10 am for the morning time! The sun was just too bright! So I had a lot of pics with bright sun & shadow on the same face! Oops! Secondly, she is just learning to walk well, so she was all over the place! Haha! But she still gave me the chance to get some good pics! :)

Here are my favorites!

One with mommy & daddy!


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