Monday, May 13, 2013

The best week EVER.

If I was one to use the word "epic", I would be using it right now.

As in, "Last week was EPIC, y'all!". But that just doesn't sound like me. I don't use the word epic. I don't like it. Nobody used to say epic. Now everybody says epic. I don't like trend words.

Wait. That's not right! I don't hate the word, "epic". It's the phrase, "epic fail" that I don't love. But for no good reason, just ignore me. I'm weird, sometimes. Just read what is below...that's the point of all this!

Last week was the best week EVER! (That sounds more like me!)

On Monday, I hung out with mom all day. And then I went to my friend Mandy's Origami Owl party where my mom insisted on buying me a necklace with the charms i wanted. I already told y'all about this but since it was part of the week, I will tell you again! :)

Also, on Monday, I fit into some jeans that just a month ago would not go up over my hips or zip/button at all! Now they fit with ease. Well... a LITTLE tight but they fit fine after i was in them for a minute! Ha! Excuse the no makeup & blurry pic! You get the idea!

On Tuesday, I went to my Ideal Protein weigh-in. I was PRAYING that I had lost 1 or 2 pounds. I didn't dare to hope for 3. But in one week, I lost 4.5 pounds! HOLY COW! I was SO amazed & excited & happy & thankful! It was CRAZY! 4.5 in a week! I have struggled in the past just to lose that in a MONTH - usually without success! Ahhhh!

Also on Tuesday, I went to have lunch with some ladies from church for my pastor's wife's birthday. I absolutely love this woman, she is so sweet! We had a great time visiting.

ALSO, on Tuesday, I had my second interview with Baton Rouge General. My first interview was the Tuesday before, I interviewed with HR & Radiology. I really wanted that Radiology job, but still hadn't heard anything, and figured i would give the purchasing one a shot. The interview went very well, i hit it off with the lady who would be my boss, and the ladies i would be working with. I felt like I had a good chance at this job.

On Wednesday, I had another interview (with the state police) which also went well, but the best was that afterwards, I went to lunch with one of my besties, Shana. She treated me which she didn't have to do! So sweet! SO good to catch up with her! We laughed & laughed! While eating, I ran into two old friends & was so happy to see them, too! We went to Starbucks after lunch where i REALLY wanted a frappuccino, but i got my regular coffee. (The only thing i can have without guilt at Starbucks!)

 And, another blurry pic for you! Sorry! 

On Thursday, I GOT THE JOB!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I was offered BOTH jobs at Baton Rouge General, when i expected to maybe get offered one of them but not the other one! I was able to choose the one i wanted. How amazing is that?! I was on CLOUD 9 the rest of the day! Ahhh! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Also, on Thursday, I had lunch at my friend, Ashley's house. She invited me over for lunch & grilled me a DELICIOUS meal of chicken, asparagus, broccoli & zucchini! All diet-friendly for me! :) It was so good & I loved getting some one-on-one Ashley time! She has been a huge support for me in  my weightloss journey & I just love her!

On Friday, I met my dear friend Becca for lunch! We rarely get together and we definitely need to more often! LOVE this girl! She has been a good friend for many years. Love her! After our lunch (which she treated!), I went to my friend Robyn's to chat. We chatted a few hours before I had to go to the theater. She is the mom of the boys I used to babysit a lot. Now her oldest two are TALLER than me (like, much taller) & her youngest will be in a year or so! Haha. Geez. SO TALL. But i LOVED catching up with Robyn!
Me & Becca

So basically: weightloss, fitting in jeans that were too small before, ladies with women i love on 4 different days of the same week, & a job offer! IN ONE WEEK! Haha!

My weekend? Well, it didn't come close to the wonderful week I had, but it wasn't bad. I did a lot of theater...stage managed 4 shows in 3 days which was exhausting. We had some mishaps, which is always fun in live theater! Mother's Day was Sunday, and that can be a difficult day for me. However, I truly believe God answered my prayers that morning when I asked him for his grace and peace throughout the day. It was not a bad day, not at all. I am thankful for that!

This week is my last one before I go back to work full-time! I am going to enjoy it to the fullest!

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