Monday, May 6, 2013

This weekend, I...

This weekend, I saw the movie MUD with my parents. (There are pluses to being without a job! Like...getting to join the parents for lunch & a movie in the middle of the day!) Did I like the movie? Um...yes. I think so!

This weekend, I was treated to lunch at VooDoo BBQ,. First time eating there. And yes...they actually had veggies... I could eat there without cheating on my diet! Whew!

This weekend, I watched my beautiful friend Natalie get married!

This weekend, I spilled my water & my wine at the wedding reception. At the same time. No, I was not drunk (I spilled the wine after having maybe two sips!). Yes, i was talking with my hands. :)

This weekend, I caught up with some dear friends at Natalie & Bradford's wedding!

This weekend, I stage managed another performance of Move Over, Mrs. Markham at TBR.

 Zac & Jeff (actors) and Keith (director) - don't they look guilty of something?!? 

 2 of my favorite people...Beth & Kelly

My friend Ronald, whose hair is like that for the show. ;) 

This weekend, I went to church. It was wonderful. And the day was just beautiful! 

This weekend, I went for a walk with my love! Just because i wanted to exercise. I am thinking if you actually WANT to exercise... you better hurry up and do it before you change your mind! :)

What did you do this weekend? Link up with Syndal or Sar for This Weekend, I...!

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