Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Today was Good!

Today was good, 
Today was fun!
Tomorrow is 
Another one! 
-Dr. Seuss :) 

Had a great day today. First of all, today was weigh-in day. Eek! I was SO NERVOUS. I did away with my scale at home, Standing on it daily can play tricks on you!! Don't see a loss when you should, you get discouraged & eat things you shouldn't... See a loss you think you should, you think it's okay to cheat a little since you're losing! Ha! Lose-lose situation for me! :)

Since I am not weighing daily, and didn't feel that much smaller, I was so nervous. BUT! I went to my appointment anyway, hoping to see a loss. 2 pounds. That's what i wanted. I wouldn't have dared to hope for a 3 pound loss. But y'all. 4.5!!! 4.5 pounds down on that scale! EEK!

I am SO THANKFUL, y'all!

That, of course, set the tone for the day. :)

At noon, I went to the home of one of the ladies at church. They were having a lunch for our pastor's wife, Mary Ann's birthday! I couldn't wait to go because i LOVE Mary Ann, and because I NEVER get to go to these kinds of things since i normally have an outside-the-home full-time job! You better believe i was taking advantage of my time off!

Me & Mary Ann! She is so sweet!

There were 8 or 9 ladies there, and we had a great time. It was short but sweet. We had lunch and then went outside to visit. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL DAY!!

After that, I ran home, changed clothes & headed to my second interview at a local hospital. I went on an interview with them last Tuesday. The Human Resources lady said she had 2 possible positions for me. I immediately interviewed with one of them, but she couldn't get in touch with the other one. So they called me later and i met with them today.

I feel great about the interview. It went well. Really well. I loved the lady i met with (who i think would be my boss!) & she introduced me to the 3 ladies I would be working with. They were SO sweet & fun. I could definitely see myself working with them. The actual WORK is not really something I thought I would be interested in. The pay is not as much as I was making before. Those are the downers. BUT I think i would learn a lot and like working with these ladies, which would make it more enjoyable. Plus, you get annual raises and there is opportunity to grow! SO... we'll see!

Initially, I really wanted the OTHER job (with the same hospital), and that one still seems more my cup of tea as far as what I would be doing! But this one seems more likely for them hiring me. Because i have more experience in this area. So...we shall see. She said she HOPES to have it wrapped up by the end of the week... I should hear by Friday or maybe Monday?!

Tomorrow I have another interview with the state. My husband works for the state and they have excellent benefits. So...that's a possibility too! Say a prayer for me tomorrow at 10:30 am (central time), okay?! Please?? (I get so nervous for interviews!!)

Oh, and last night (we're going backwards now...if you are confused!), I went to my friend Mandy's for an Origami Owl party. Have you heard of these?! I wasn't going to buy one even though i have really wanted one, seeing as how i do not have a J-O-B! But my mama bought me one! How sweet is she?! I love it. It's a necklace that you put little charms in to represent your life. Here is a picture of mine! Can you see it?

So here are the charms i chose to represent me! A flower, a camera, a coffee cup, drama faces (theater!), a dog bone (to represent Fievel), a treble clef (to represent my musician husband), a cross (to represent my love for Jesus!), and my birthstone (aquamarine for March). The back says "inspire". They also had "faith" & "dream" & i would have loved one of those! But i am also impatient and she didn't have one of those in stock, so... INSPIRE it is! But it fits. i am a creative person. I look for inspiration in everything. Photography, theater, music??? Inspire is a good word for me! :)

So that was a lot of fun!!

Just catching you up on my week so far! Hope all of you are having a good one! :)

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