Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekend Fun!

My last several posts have been about photography, and for that I apologize. Well, not really, unless you hate photography posts... and nobody really actually hates photography posts, right?! I thought not.   :)

Kidding. But... i love it! And since I'm doing shoots... I'm going to be blogging them! But i know that i should be updating you on life & other things in between shoots.

Here it is, almost Friday, and i am giving you LAST weekend's details. Oops.

Remember that time I got laid off? Well, on that day my husband and i had a date planned that evening to go eat at Coyote Blues & then browse Best Buy (for fun stuff like iPads and kindles). Since I ended up getting LAID OFF, which was a huge shock, we still went to eat but I ended up crying halfway through my meal & we went home after that. Brad has been saying that when i got a new job, we would have a re-do on that date! Haha. So we did that Friday night. (Except we went to Cheesecake Bistro instead of Coyote Blues, since Best Buy is right by my work, and Coyote Blues is NOT, and it would be silly to backtrack!) It was a nice little dinner date & then we went to Best Buy, as planned. (P.S. I want an iPAD Mini so bad!)


Saturday I had 2 photo shoots planned! The first was with my friend Mallory from the theater. I did her headshots, and i think i did a great job considering it was my first ever headshot session!

My second shoot was with my friend Stacey & her two kids, Joe & Olivia. That one was fun too.

That evening, I met up with my friends Shana & Sarah for some girl time! :) We went and had dinner at a hole-in-the-wall authentic mexican place. It was delish! We ran to Starbucks after for dessert, and well... hilarity ensued. I'll leave it at that! And THEN we went back to Shana's for some girl talk. So much fun. We were delirious by the end of it! It was like old times!

 Sarah, Shana & moi. We go way back! 

This next picture... I laugh EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
 Me: Okay, nice! Now, SMILE this time! (...and that's what i got!)

I also met Shana's adorable foster kitties!!

Church. Home. Relaxation. And then another photo shoot! I am editing this session now! We got to do a shoot for our good friend's Adam & Katie, and their now 1 year old daughter, Natalie! Brad tagged along, and we had SUCH a great time! Then they treated us to dinner! So sweet!

It was a great weekend, and I am excited tomorrow is another Friday! :) This weekend, hmm... a shoot tomorrow after work (headshots), my 8th annual Beaux Arts Ball (annual theater celebration!) on Saturday, and church & baby shower on Sunday.


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