Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beaux Arts Ball {part two}: party pics!

More shots from the Beaux Arts Ball! These are the party shots after the ceremony. We had so much fun! I think this may have been my most favorite ball so far (it was my 8th one!).

 This is the Martin family! I love this pic! Sadly it's the ONLY pic i took in manual (besides the ones of people on stage!). After that it was really too dark & so i just switched it to auto! (I hate doing that, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!)

 Mother & daughter, you say? How did you know?! :) 

 This one cracks me up! This was gonna be just me & Beth. Paula & Lee, the photo bombers!

 Liz & Ronald, who played Mr & Mrs Markham in the last show i stage managed, Move Over Mrs Markham! Crazy I met both of them during my first show Beauty & the Beast! 

 Liz & her real-life husband, Blake! 

 Carole won for Best Supporting Actress! Woohoo! :) 

 Kristy: One of my favorite people!

 Emily: Another favorite. She is the Technical Director, Lighting Designer, etc etc at our theater & she is AMAZING! I really just LOVE her!

 Bess & Jeff! They are moving to Georgia! We are saddy! 

 Me & Alaina! She is just as sweet as she is gorgeous.

 Me & Phil. He CRACKS ME UP, y'all! 

 Me & Kelly. She is so funny & fun & sassy & loved by all!

 Me, Megan & Mary! 

 Me & Michele. (I am doing headshots for her soon! Can't wait!) 

 The fantastic foursome. :) Tim & Marion & us! They get married November 30th! Can't wait! 

 This is Albert. He can SING! OMG. Seriously needs to be on Broadway! AMAZING!

 Another mother/daughter duo!! If you can't tell! 

 Chris & Emily who are now ENGAGED! :)

LOVE Charlynn! One of my dearest friends!! 

 me & emily! (go read her blog, y'all!) 

And one last one...me & my hot date! 

Love him! What a great evening!!

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