Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beth's headshots {photography}

Last week I was lucky enough to get to do headshots for one very special lady. Her name is Beth.

Beth is one of my most favorite people. I realize that i say a lot of people are my favorite people... but that i no way takes away from the truth of the matter... she is so funny & smart & sweet. She has a great personality... always willing to give you a hug or make you laugh or lend a hand.

She is a music teacher...has been for many years at a local catholic school. She also often music directs the children's musicals at the theater i am involved with. She teaches private voice lessons, too. And she has acted on stage & worked backstage as my Assistant Stage Manager a few times.

Anyway, she wanted some headshots, and i really hoped I would be able to show off her personality - where someone who didn't know her would be able to see what a fun-loving person she is, just by the pictures. I feel like i accomplished that. I hope so, at least!

Here are my favorites.

These pictures were all taken in downtown Baton Rouge. It was my first downtown shoot & I can't wait to do another one! :)

 Shots like this always end up being my favorite. It brings out the eyes! 

Lots of colorful walls downtown, which are great for photographers! :)


 Water fountains downtown that I didn't know existed. Those were fun!

 Haha...she wanted a pic by her favorite building in Baton Rouge, so i obliged. :)
This is the old state capitol.

 Beth is just beautiful, inside & out. Had so much fun taking her headshots!

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