Friday, June 14, 2013

Brooklyne & Cheyenne {photography}

So. There was this one time that I saw some beautiful kids on Facebook, and I messaged their mother & asked if i could do a photo shoot.

Yeah. But don't worry! I actually know their mom. And she actually knew already that I am into photography. So it wasn't really creepy or stalkery or anything.

But, I mean, seriously. Can you blame me?!?! 

O. M. G.


Golden blonde curly hair.
Bright blue eyes.
Naturally tanned skin.


Meet Brooklyne, age 4.

And Cheyenne, age 3.

We had fun. And they were so sweet & silly! It was also fun catching up with their mom. She was my neighborhood buddy until I turned 9 & we moved to a different area of town. But we used to ride bikes together or jump on the trampoline (at my house or hers!). It was fun to see her again!

 {Lighting like this is not my fave, but i cannot resist a pic of two sisters holding hands.}

 Haha... I told them to kiss their mom for a picture, and this is what we got! They pretty much attacked her. :)

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