Sunday, June 23, 2013

Derek, Jen & Landry {photography}

Last weekend, we met up with our friends Derek & Jen, and their 18-month old daughter Landry, for family pics! We met them at LSU's City Park. Brad & Derek have been good friends for many years. Derek was actually a groomsmen in our wedding. He & Jen were newlyweds at the time, and when I met her, I thought she was super sweet! She is a kindergarten teacher, and i think her students are very lucky to have her!

Brad & I have been meaning to hang out with this family for way too long now, but for some reason it's never happened! So he was more than willing to tag along with us on the shoot, and we all went to breakfast afterwards. It was a fun time! Brad even got some smiles out of sweet little Landry! :)


Such a sweet family!!

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