Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life lately.

Oh, hi. How are you???

I feel like I haven't really shared anything lately. About work or theater or church or, well, anything! Haha. So... here are some updates for you!

Things are going well. I am loving my job. At first it was overwhelming & stressful, because it is hard to learn new procedures, new policies, different computer programs & databases, different insurance cards & codes, and the difference between mammograms & biopsies & ultrasounds! I know the difference, but i am talking about how we register each patient, depending on which procedure they are having, you see. And the paperwork, y'all. LOADS of paperwork. The most confusing for me has been medicare (& all that it entails). Oh, geez. It's a lot. But i know that this company actually works hard to make sure you are trained correctly and thoroughly, which is FAR MORE than i can say than my past jobs. (Sorry, it's true.)

Although it is a lot, it is coming together. I have known since Day One that it would be one of those things that once i get it all down pat, i would be able to do it on autopilot! And that is true. I am just not there yet. Soooo not there yet. :) But today i smiled almost all day. And i left with a huge smile on my face, that "accomplished" feeling. It is getting easier & easier, and that makes me happy!

And i LOVE working at a hospital. And i love the people there. It is a great place to work.

The week before last was REALLY overwhelming. There were tears. Then last week went pretty smoothly!! Friday & Monday, i was sent to our other hospital (we have two locations) to train with some people & that went really well, too. So today i was back in our facility, just praying that i wouldn't mess up or anything major, that if i was left alone, i would be able to do everything necessary! And i did. And everything was great. And we were BUSY. So, i am thankful!

Still, i will be EVEN HAPPIER when i don't have to think so much... when it's autopilot. Haha. But i am getting there. And this is only my 4th week!

Thursday i have CPR training. It's been YEARS. Like, since i worked in a daycare. And that was... oh...14ish years ago. So i am ready for that! I mean, what happens if a patient passed out in the lobby & I didn't know what to do?!?! (I am sure there would be a doctor or nurse around...there always is... but you know. It's always a good thing to know!)

Okay. Enough rambling about work. Um... photography has been AMAZING. I have always WANTED to be able to do photo shoots, and actually get nice shots, but i never could. I am so thankful for Laura & all the tips & pointers she has given me, from teaching me to shoot in manual way back when i went to visit her, to giving me advice using my current pictures as examples, to calling me & walking me through some basic photoshop, which has made a world of difference in my photos. Now i am doing shoots OFTEN & i am really & truly having a BLAST with it. Yay!

I did want to say "THANK YOU" to my readers. One,  i recently wrote a post about infertility & how much it sucks, and i got SO MANY sweet comments. Thank you for praying for me & for caring. You are wonderful!! And i am blessed to have nice readers who actually care & pray for you!

I also want to say "THANK YOU" to those who have seen all my photography posts & have complimented me on my work. Just leaving a nice comment "great shot!" is encouraging. So, thanks to you, as well.

Alrighty... off to edit more photos. :)


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