Thursday, June 20, 2013

Parker & Jude! {photography}

I got to have a photo session with this sister-brother duo last week. Parker is 4 (i think!) & Jude was just days shy of the big TWO. :)

Their mom, Janee, started reading my blog years ago but she is from my same city & we have tons of mutual friends! Ha! Small world! :) It was nice to finally meet in person & to meet her adorable kids!!

My friend Rachel came along for the shoot, so she could get in some photography practice. I think she is pretty awesome! :)

Meet Parker & Jude!

Notice Parker's shoes are on the wrong feet. ;) 

After the above pics, they changed clothes & then we went to a little playground. Um, pretty much every shot I got of Jude at the playground was by chance! He was having way too much fun! :) 

 I love this fabulous outtake! Haha! 

Parker is one cool chic! :)

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