Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stacey, Joe & Olivia {photography practice}

Last weekend, I did 3 photo shoots. It was awesome. I am really really enjoying this. I never thought I would be doing photo shoots for people! But I love it. LOVE IT! And I am learning so much and getting better with each shoot.

Last Saturday, I did Mallory's headshots, and immediately after it I did a family shoot for my friend Stacey & her two kids, Joe & Olivia.

 I love the colors they chose to wear! My favorite colors! :) 

And this is Lauren. She came to assist. She is a good friend of Stacey's (they are both paramedics & that is how they met). I know Stacey from going to church with her several years ago, and I know Lauren from going to a different church with her a LONG time ago! I actually haven't seen her since she was probably 15... she is all grown up now!

 (I am sure she will love that THIS is the pic i chose to post of her! Ha!)

We had a great time, laughing & talking. And the kids were great. Really good sports! There were lots of stinging caterpillars around (in fact, that's what ended our shoot! One got on Olivia's foot & scared the living daylights out of her! Didn't sting her though! Thankfully, I had gotten more than enough pictures by that point!). Here are some of my favorites from that session.

These next three are obviously too bright in my background... I still struggle at times with the sun! I am getting better though! We were actually under a whole lot of trees here, so I thought I was good with the shade thing! Not really. But i still like these shots!

 Pretty blue eyes! 

Love this kid! He was funny & cute as he could be! 


And some silliness!

 I love this... Stacey said she'll have to frame this one - they're never like this! ;) 

 Aww. :) 

And another random shot of Lauren! 

One more... 

So there ya go! Next up is my shoot with some very dear friends of ours & their one year old daughter. :) Sweet!

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