Monday, June 3, 2013

This Weekend, I...

Today I am linking up with Syndal & Sar for This Weekend, I!

This weekend, I had two photo shoots planned for Friday. The first one canceled due to them having to work, so i scheduled another one & then we rescheduled hers because of rain! Wasn't meant to be, I guess. But y'all - after 4 shoots last week, I am ITCHING for another photo shoot!

This weekend, I went to a nearby arboretum to practice some photography. I was not impressed with the place. The flowers are all dying! I guess because it's so incredibly HOT!
This weekend, I went to Aveda, where I used to work, to get my hair did for a ball! Fancy Schmancy! The girl did such a great job on my hair! I loved it! I meant to take a pic of the back! Oops! :( 

This weekend, I ran into STAGE after my hair appointment to grab my husband a shirt to go with the tie he wanted to wear for the ball. I mean, if he's got to wear a tie, it might as well be the one he wants to wear, right?! I remembered STAGE has good deals, and boy was i right! Picked up a nice dress shirt with a tag that said $50, saw a sign up saying $29.99 for the shirts that came with ties, so i figured this one had to be on sale, too. Got to the checkout expecting $20-something, but it was $11! Including tax! HECK YES! :)
 Haha! I love him. And yes, of course it is a musician's tie! ;)

This weekend, I got all dolled up for my 8th annual (& Brad's 6th!) Beaux Arts Ball! This is the ball our theater does every year to celebrate & thank the volunteers from the past season. It's so much fun! (This pic is actually from AFTER the ball - i took my hair down! I actually love it like this! Someone tell me how to fix it curly/wavy daily?!?! Oh, but i never give myself enough time in the mornings!)
 Ain't no shame! 13 pounds down & ... a lot to go! Haha! But i love my dress! :) (No comments from the peanut gallery about my white legs! God made me white! This girl does not do tanning beds, thankyouverymuch!)

This weekend, I had SO MUCH FUN at the Beaux Arts Ball! (Full post to come!)

This weekend, I was so excited my good friend Charlynn won Outstanding Actress in a Musical for her role as Louise in Always, Patsy Cline! She was FANTASTIC, y'all! Well deserved! 

This weekend, I had a hot date with my hub AFTER the ball... it's become a tradition of ours to go to dinner just the two of us after it! I mean, we're all dressed up... why not?! :)

This weekend, I skipped church on Sunday (sad-face) & stayed home all day! Did some cleaning, but mostly edited photos & posted photos from the ball, blogged, and... I guess that's it! Sad, huh!? It was a nice relaxing day with my love, though!

This weekend, I probably had too much coffee. But that's allowed on my diet! So there! (I love coffee.)

Hope y'all had a good weekend, too! Back to the daily grind, though... have a great week! :)

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