Monday, June 24, 2013

This Weekend, I...

This weekend, I did my first newborn shoot for my friends, Patrick & Wendy. This is Mia! Isn't she a beauty?! It was very difficult to not take her home with me... but I managed!

This weekend, I celebrated my husband's birthday by writing this post about how wonderful he is and by cooking him a breakfast casserole (his request!). He got a couple other things, too.

This weekend, I scored MAJOR wife points by buying him THREE GALLONS of his ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ice cream, Mint Chocolate Chip from Baskin Robbins. I even managed to sneak it in the house & in the freezer. His reaction was priceless & worth every penny spent! (Good thing I don't like it!)

This weekend, I, for some unknown reason, decided to watch "Switched at Birth" on Netflix. Um... I am kind of into it! (I am also having withdrawals from my regular shows (Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood & Law & Order SVU) which are all on hiatus until the premiere in SEPTEMBER! Gah!)

This weekend, I took a nap on Saturday AND on Sunday. Geez.

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