Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend & Family

What a great weekend it has been!

Saturday morning, we met our friends Derek & Jenn at LSU's city park, so i could do a photo session with them and their 18 month old daughter. Pics of that coming soon! Afterwards we went to breakfast at Another Broken Egg...one of my very favorite places! Yum! Derek was a groomsman in our wedding and we have been meaning to catch up with them for awhile now!! We had a great time with them.

Today, my sister & brother-in-law came in town for lunch & dessert with the fam. Brad's family joined us, as we like to celebrate father's day (for my dad & my father-in-law), my husband's birthday, and my sister's birthday all at once (Michelle & Brad are born 1 day apart - their birthdays are next weekend but we normally celebrate them altogether on Father's Day, since she lives out of town!). We had a great time!! They ordered Sonny's BBQ and mom made two delicious cakes from scratch. YUM!

Michelle & Brad ALWAYS take a photo like this at their birthday shindig... or something else equally ridiculous. Ha! It's become a tradition! I also love mom's face in the background!

Michael never resists an opportunity for a silly face either. The shot i took right before this one would have been SO GOOD... no silly faces... just a nice normal pic... but it was completely out of focus. BOO! (Oh-well.)

Since they came in last night, they also came to church with us this morning. Yay! :) It has become a tradition at Covenant Church - for the last several years apparently - to have ice cream cones after church on Father's Day. Pastor Jeff asked if i could bring my camera & of course i said YES! So you get to see some pics of my church family now, too. :)

 Our pastor, Jeff, & his wife, Mary Ann. (love them)

 Ashley & Victoria 

 Our youth directors, Andy & Ashley :) 

 Zach (pastor's kid #1) & Jonathan

Alex (pastor's kid #2), John, & David (our drummer... and a darn good one too!)

 Chuck! He's a pretty awesome guy. 

And i LOVE these two of my dad! :) 

(I love my dad!)

Happy Father's Day!!

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