Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cardstore.com! {a review}

I was recently contacted by Cardstore.com, and asked if i would like to receive a free coupon code for a photo card, in exchange for a review.

I have to tell you... I get these kinds of emails very often, and i almost always delete them. It's almost always something I really could care less about. Or it sounds like it came from a robot. So, no thanks!

But Emma with Cardstore talked like a real person. :) And, um... excuse me... did you say, CARDSTORE.com?!?! As in a CARD STORE?! See, i love cards. I have always been a bit obsessed with cards. I still send snail mail... often! I love cards. LOVE THEM.

I've seen a few other bloggers review cards from cardstore.com before, and thought it looked like a cool site, but not necessarily better than Shutterfly or any other site like that.

Well, I have to tell you... I was VERY impressed with cardstore!!! :)

The ordering process was very simple, and their website is really cute (which is important, you know). I would give you screenshots, but i forgot to actually take screenshots. But I am pretty sure you can figure it out without them!

But y'all. My cards. They came out GREAT! I am thrilled with them. I love them!

I couldn't decide which pic of mine to use, so i ended up doing two of them. I did a rectangle postcard type card of my picture from downtown. It came out so crisp!

 I chose the option where you can put a little something on the back. :)

For another card, I used the pic I took of a hydrangea at LSU's Hilltop Arboretum. The colors are so vibrant! I love it.

And i put it on the back, too!

I have to tell you that one thing i was VERY happy about is the type of paper it is printed on. I hate how cards I have ordered in the past, from other places, have that shiny kind of paper where your ink smears??? You know the kind I mean? I have cards from similar sites that I have never used, because I can't find a pen that will write on it without smearing or looking bad! But this paper??? Perfect!!!!

Another thing I should mention... on the same day i ordered these cards, I also ordered a few prints from mpix, and a few prints from Shutterfly. I didn't use special shipping on any of them. Just regular shipping. My cardstore cards came in first, then mpix, then Shutterfly. So, there's that, too. Fast shipping. :)

And there you have it! My review of photo cards from Cardstore.com!! Check them out! :)


  1. Those look awesome!! I might be looking to branch out on my Christmas cards this year...remind me about this place in 4 months, okay??!

  2. I think I got the email to review for them too but I remember thinking "you are going to give me ONE card for me to advertise you? I'll pass. Maybe if it was ten cards... but one?" hahaha... I'm tough like that haha!

  3. How fun! Love the cards you made. :)


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