Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Emmy Rose is ONE! {photography}

Remember Mallory, the girl I did headshots for awhile back? Well, she asked me to take 1-year pics for her daughter, Emmy Rose. I met them at the park last weekend & we got to work! I got a few pics of Emmy with family, like this one with her mom...

But once we put her down to get shots of her alone... well... she just wasn't having it!

 Oh, dear... 

This one makes my heart break. And she's not even mine!

 After some time, we gave up and i told Mallory if i didn't have any birthday invitation worthy pics, I would come by her house during the week for a retake session. That is what we ended up doing, and i am really happy with how the retakes came out!! Little Emmy was in a perfectly good mood... maybe she's just not a morning person! :)

Happy Birthday, Emmy Rose! :)


  1. oh my gosh. she is absolutely precious!
    Great pictures!!

  2. oh my word. that last picture. I die.

  3. She.is.adorable! Love those 2 little teeth! Great job, Mel!


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