Monday, July 15, 2013

This weekend, I... {bought a car!!!}

Wow. What a weekend! I am excited to tell you that i got a car, finally! And i am super excited about it! My Saturday was INSANE, as i knew it would be. I knew we would be car shopping soon, but hubby (who was figuring out all the financial stuff for it) wouldn't tell me WHEN we could go. So i went ahead & planned things. Like a photo shoot Saturday morning, and a baby shower for a dear friend the same evening. When he said this Saturday was the day, i didn't hesitate. Would be a long day, but NO WAY was i putting off car shopping another weekend! I have BEEN READY for this!

ANYWAY. Here we go!

This weekend, I headed to the nearest park for my friend, Mallory's daughter Emmy's 1 year photo shoot. Emmy is adorable, but wasn't really in the mood. The shoot mostly went just like this...

Um. Yeah. We are going to try again Tuesday. Pray she is a little more photo-ready!? :)

This weekend, after the photo shoot, I said goodbye to my 1997 Chevy Blazer, which I have been driving for almost 10 years.

This weekend, I - along with my husband & father-in-law - got to drive on the new Central Thruway to head to the car dealerships. Y'all. I know this means NOTHING to you. But they have been working on this new road since, like, forever. Basically you used to have to drive around the world to get to what you KNEW would be a very short minute drive - if ONLY there was a ROAD there. Well, they have put a road there. It now takes 5 minutes to get to O'Neal Lane, when it used to take at LEAST 20 minutes. YAY! And even though we don't live in Central, it is still affecting us in a good way. And one day we do hope to live there. I am so excited! I love it! 

And the drive is so beautiful. It's all trees and hilly green pastures. LOVE. But i am sure it will be developed at some point. Which is both sad & exciting. ANYWAY. Enough rambling about something that means nothing to you, but yay! Such great news for a lot of people on this side of Baton Rouge!

This weekend, I BOUGHT A NEW CAR!!! It's a 2010 Toyota Camry.

I wanted a Camry, but didn't know if i would be able to get one. But that's what we got! It's beautiful. EVERYTHING about this process just fell into place, it was just easy! Thank you, LORD! I am so thankful to Him, honestly! And yay for a car that, you know, has a working gas gauge, has a lever to open the trunk & hood (mine on the blazer didn't work. The lever for the hood was rigged with a wrench, and you had to actually climb through the car to push out the back window for that to open!). Yay for windows that don't leak, a temperature knob that actually TURNS, and lights that stay on when you turn them on. Yay for a rear view mirror. So many other things, y'all. Basically, everything WORKS on this vehicle. AND it's pretty. I love it!!!!

This weekend, after the car purchase, my husband, his dad, & i met his mom and my parents at FIVE GUYS to celebrate. EVERYTHING is celebrated with food, isn't it? That isn't good. But that's another post! 

This weekend, I helped to host my long-time best friend, Sarah's baby shower. She is having her 4th kid, and her 1st boy, very soon. (She is due the 31st but he has been threatening to come early!)

This weekend, I went to church & felt like God really spoke to my heart about something I have been going through for too long now. Infertility. I have been in a LOT of pain about this lately, and sometimes I don't even know how i am going to make it another day. It is just unbearable at times. But i felt like God really met me where i am today, whispering to me that he is working in this situation. I hope to blog more about this soon. But please pray for me if you think about it!

This weekend, i was THRILLED to see my good friend, Amanda, and her family at my church!! They are moving back from California & I am SO excited!!! They have bought a house while here, and they go back home Tuesday. Then they return to us in August - FOREVER! YAY! I am thrilled. Love you, Amanda, if you're reading this! :)

This weekend, I bought a cd on Amazon, and discovered Amazon Cloud Player. Um, i love it. It makes me happy. Am i the only one? Basically you buy a cd & automatically get the downloadable version of the songs. And you can go ahead & download them to your itunes, computer, iphone, whatever! Awesome! :)

Um, hmm. I think that is it for this weekend?! Let's hope! This upcoming week contains a re-shoot for Emmy, a headshot session for a theater friend of mine, and a date night with my love! Along with the usual 40 hour work week...except i get to go in my new car! Yipee!

Have a great week, everyone!  

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  1. Love you Mel! Can't wait to see more of you very soon!! :) Happy for you! Love your new car!!


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