Monday, July 22, 2013

This weekend, I...

This weekend, I enjoyed dinner with my love at Bistro Byronz. Love that place. 

 He's so cute. :) 

    It actually was not 110 degrees! It felt nice. We sat outside on the patio! 
This is just unheard of in July! 

This weekend, I went to a performance of Les Miserables at Theatre Baton Rouge, the community theater i am involved with (formerly Baton Rouge Little Theater). It was my second time to see it, my hubby's first. Once again, it was PHENOMINAL! I just am amazed! And kind of sad it's over. 

This weekend, I got my car washed! I still am in love with my new car. I think i wanna marry it. :) It's just so pretty. And i didn't take care of my other car, but this one i AM! And that means regular washings! Fievel was with me when i got the car washed. He was kind of perplexed. 

 He looks so skinny... he's really not that skinny! Ha! But this is right after his haircut. :)

This weekend, I got a much needed haircut! I went to see Erika, one of my Aveda graduates, at the new salon where she is working! Love my haircut! Loved visiting with her. So proud of her for sticking it out at Aveda and graduating and passing her stateboard exam! Woohoo! 

This weekend, I went to church. 

I love singing on our praise & worship team!

 Hubby & I got a little silly while waiting for service to start. :)

And then we took this one - having no idea anyone was behind us! Haha! That would be Andy, our youth pastor, coming to ask Brad something. I didn't even see him pop his face there (we were using my phone, and the screen was facing us!!)! I went to post the pic & was shocked to see another face! Ha! Andy is hilarious.

This weekend, I relaxed and chilled out watching back to back episodes of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"... still can't believe i am watching this show!!

How was your weekend?!

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