Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Family Reunion

One of my favorite things about Brad's family is that they have family reunions. Our family never really did that, and I so enjoy going to the ones with my in-laws. Of course, their people are hilarious and sweet, and they make anyone and everyone feel completely welcome. They're fun!

Every October, we have a reunion with Brad's mom's side of the family, right here where we live. There is a family of Brad's cousins (a mom, Eda, and her four daughters) that we just LOVE. We always talk about how we wish we saw them more often than just in October.

 Mrs. Eda (in red) & her mom

Well, Mrs. Eda's mom was going to be in town from way up north somewhere, and Mrs. Eda decided to invite all of the family to their family property in Colfax. It's an almost 3-hour drive to Colfax, and Brad and I made the trip in our new car! (Loved it!) Just about EVERYONE came. All of their cousins and their families. There were about 65 people there (although the property was big so it definitely didn't seem like so many people!).

 These are the first cousins. The "originals". They remembered playing at this property as kids!

I didn't know if i should bring my camera. Places where I won't know that many people - well, i may not end up taking any pictures! But i have learned that it's better to take it and not use it, than to not take it and wish I had!! So i brought it. And i did end up taking some pictures. Glad I did! :)

 My sis-in-law Jamie with her cousin Stacia.

 Jaimie with her cousins: Stacia, Shira & Trina. (Trina is having twin girls any day now!)

We were right in the sun apparently!! But here i am with my love and my sis-in-law! :)

We had a great time, and I can't wait to see some of these people again in October! 

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