Sunday, August 11, 2013

Church Ladies Tea

I am behind on blogging. Oops.

So, backing up... a couple weekends ago, I went to the annual Ladies Tea at our church. Last year, it was my first event to go to as a church member. I was excited to go again this year. HUGE turnout this year. It was crazy. But a lot of fun!

For the tea, the hostesses each have a table that they decorate. It is pretty neat to see the different personalities and tastes reflected in each table. I wanted to sit at the table decorated by my bestie, Mandy, and it took me about 2 seconds flat to know which table that was.

Daisies and cute owls and turquoise?! That looks like a table Mandy would decorate! :) So cute! She did a great job! Actually, all of the hostesses did a wonderful job with their decor! 

Some ladies wore hats, others did not. I LOVE hats, but didn't have the right kind of hat to wear! There was a hat contest, and my mom won! She made her hat herself. :)
 my mom

Mrs. Sandra talked to us about how valuable we are to God. It was such a neat story, and I will have to share it with you soon. She did an awesome job! 

The hostesses did an awesome job with the food, service and decor. We had a wonderful time! Did I mention these cupcakes? My Mandy made them. DELICIOUS!!!

Just a few more pics from our tea! 

 Amanda, Ashley & Melody

 Ashley & her mom...beautiful ladies!

 Some of our sweet hostesses: MaryAnn, Teddie, & Mandy

 LOVE this pic of Mandy & Melanie 

 Victoria, Angela & Katy 

 Mother & daughter (Donna & Amanda)

Sandra, Jackie & Sandra! 

Andrea & Ashley

Me & Mandy!


  1. What a fun and beautiful event!! I would love to see how all the different ladies decorate...what fun!

  2. Great pictures!! How do you not have any shadows behind them? I always have shadows with my flash.

  3. How fun! I've always wanted an excuse to wear a big Kentucky Derby type hat. It's neat your church does that every year.

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