Friday, August 23, 2013

this week, in random order

This week has been ... strange. Not bad, per se, just difficult, work-wise. My coworker's granddaughter passed away last weekend. (She was almost 2... high fever put her in the hospital on Thursday, they found out it was meningitis on Friday, she died on Saturday. Why is life SO UNFAIR at times?!?!) Anyway, my coworker was out all week, and we usually share the workload. Doing it all myself was HARD, y'all! And not BAD. Everything went smoothly, for the most part. I was proud of myself for handling it all! All i can say is, i was unable to stifle the yawns in the afternoons, and i was going to bed pretty early most evenings... due to the inability to actually stay awake! I guess this week just wore me OUT! Ha!

At work we got a new printer/copier. Our other one was just not enough to handle the amount of paperwork we do each day. We were going through a toner a week! No joke!! So we got a new one that is GINORMOUS but also pretty sweet! :)

Monday night, we  were invited to dinner at the in-laws. HER COOKING IS AMAZING, WE DO NOT TURN DOWN DINNER INVITATIONS!!!! But i also had a little visit with their dog, Fani. She is a rhodesian ridgeback. I love her.

Funny story... last Sunday a friend of mine at church got baptized. I really wish i had known, i would have brought my canon! I took this with my phone. And i have ones not quite so blurry but i love this one! See our pastor laughing just as he is about to dunk Brett?! It's because he said: "Brett, upon your profession of faith, I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU..." do you see where this was going?! Instead of the usual, "i baptize you in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit", he said, "I now pronounce you...{pause}....Wait, I'm about to do a wedding!!" HAHA! (As in, I now pronounce you husband & wife.) WOOPS! It was HILARIOUS. And i love how real our pastor is... he didn't try to cover it up, he just DIED LAUGHING! LOL! Good times.

Also last week i got to meet my friend's new baby girl!!!! I love her. I want to go hold her and rock her to sleep again. This was a wonderful meet with a new baby because the mom went through infertility too & is now on the other side. So i can still talk to her about all of it & she 100% "gets it". I planned to stay for a half hour, but it was 2 hours. OOPS. (no pic, sorry!)

This week was my puppy's BIRTHDAY! Oh my goodness, i just realized I didn't do a full post on him like i have done for his past birthdays!!!! :( Fievel is NINE years old. :) I actually found when i scrapbooked when i first got him. Cannot believe that was so long ago!! Anyway, LOOK HOW CUTE HE WAS!!!!! :) (He still is though.) Happy birthday, Fievel!

 Fievel at 6 weeks. (2004)

Fievel now.

I have been reading this book. It is GOOD, y'all. More on it later.

Also... don't these clouds look weird? What do they mean?!! I'm not talking about at the top of the pic, look at what looks like a cloud of dust above the uglier trailer. Ha. It's not dust...it's a weird tornado-ish looking cloud! We were wondering if a tornado was about to come wipe out the trailer...although not actuallly worried, or we wouldn't have gone on inside!

 I am photographing my first WEDDING in September. I am EXCITED/SCARED! :) I have always thought i would probably not like doing weddings, and yet, i still want to give it a try! I might love it. Or i might not. But it's a good one to start with, because it's a SUPER easygoing couple, and it's a small wedding. I did get a new flash today!!! A speedlight. Now i just have to learn to use it! It will be daylight for most of her wedding but at the reception i am going to need some more light, and the built-in flash on my camera isn't going to cut it! I got my new flash today & i am SO EXCITED to try it out! (Batteries are currently charging!)

And i am doing my first engagement session this Sunday! Woohoo! 

Tomorrow i am going to an infertility workshop. Does that sound weird? This lady in town has a ministry for people dealing with infertility or miscarriages. She wrote the book Baby Hunger which really ministered to me (I read it twice.). Anyway, last year i wanted NO PART of this workshop. But this year i want to go. I feel like i NEED to go. My friend is going with me but she lives out of town & almost backed out on me tonight!!! I really almost cried. I convinced her to go. Pray she doesn't back out on me tomorrow! Haha! I mean, really. I don't think i can go by myself but i really feel like i should be there. :)

I guess that's it for now!! But hey - last chance to sign up for my giveaway!! I will announce a winner Sunday!! :) 


  1. Sounds like a good week! Keep us posted on the workshop today!

  2. Tooo funny about the baptism!

    Hooray for the new flash! Call me sometime and I'll explain what I know about using it in manual. :)

  3. Soo funny about the baptism! Love that your pastor was able to crack a joke about it. Makes it memorable.

    I would love to gat some puppy love from Fievel or Fani. So sweet! (Happy belated birthday to Fievel!)

  4. That is so sad about the little girl.

    Funny baptism story!

    Congrats on the new flash! You'll do great at the wedding!

    Happy bday to Fievel!

  5. Do you read the Mix and Match Family blog? I think you'd really like it. But the reason I mention it is because her post today actually talked about Not a Fan as well. Just thought it was a little coincidental reading about it on two posts today.


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