Monday, August 5, 2013

This Weekend, I...

This weekend, I went on a little date with my love! To Barnes & Noble (where we didn't buy anything - a miracle!), to Five Guys for dinner (I know - for shame!), and to Whole Foods for a few things. Hubby picked me up some flowers while we were in Whole Foods. I love flowers. Yay!

This weekend, I went to a gym to workout with my friend, Gayle. Gayle goes to my church, and she is hilarious. She also has lost 61 pounds and is well on her way to reaching her next weightloss goal. She is doing awesome & is a huge inspiration to me!! We had a bootcamp style workout session & I AM SO SORE today!! Part of the workout included flipping tires. It was awesome. And fun! :)

Me & Gayle! I know we look just stunning! Ha! Head to my weightloss blog for the tire-flipping pics! 

This weekend, I headed with my husband to New Orleans, for my friend Susan's wedding! It was beautiful. And hot & humid. But mostly beautiful. And fun. :) 

Me & my good friend Danielle at the wedding. 

This weekend, I went to church, went grocery shopping and then spent the rest of our Sunday relaxing.


  1. LOVE the tire-flipping workout pictures!! And the wedding pictures! They prove that you look great in a multitude of situations. :) What a fun weekend!

  2. Looks like you had a marvelous weekend!!!

  3. I love the little fleur di lis on the cake! So pretty!

  4. That's a great pic of you at the end of your post. :)


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