Thursday, September 12, 2013

Etsy Crushes!

So, my good bloggy friend, Amy, LOVES Etsy. Like, seriously, she loves it. She posts her "etsy crushes" once a week on her blog. Or maybe more. And it's a lot of fun to look at her recent faves from Etsy

What Amy may not realize, because i have yet to join in on her little etsy parties, is that i too have a serious love for all things etsy. Or not ALL things. They do have some odd things over there! But i do open my etsy app EVERY SINGLE DAY (just like i do for ZULILY!) to see what they're showing off now. And every day, i am oohing & ahing & favoriting. It's fun!

So, here are my recent Etsy crushes. :)

i love little earrings. I love stars. Lately, i love gold. Perfect! 
{Star Earrings from HouseThatCrowBuilt}

I am not a watch person AT ALL... if i were to get one, i probably wouldn't wear it... but i am pretty much madly in love with this one. It's so pretty! 
{pretty watch from tik tok)

I meant the outfit. But I'll take the kid, too. :)
{Cute outfit for baby from HaddonCo}

I want this. Now!
{Fall Sign from WheredyougetthatFlag}

A camera strap! So cute! 
{Camera Strap from Girliegurlz}

When i worked at Aveda, I wanted to buy this & hang it in my office, for the students to see when they came in. Just a reminder that they ARE beautiful - and even more so when they aren't trying to be like or look like anyone else. I just love this.
{Be-You-tiful sign from word willow}

I don't know if you know that i have a coffee mug obsession? But i want these. 
{monogram mugs from GreySkiesBlue}

Well, that's it for now! And i just wasted about 30 minutes organizing my etsy favorites into "Boards" just like on Pinterest! Who knew you could do that?!!? (Amy probably did. And probably even told me! Oops!)


  1. Oooh... those star earrings are cute! Except they'd be better in silver. :) Now I feel like I need a pair haha. Thanks a lot!

  2. ummm hi thanks for the shout out you are tooo sweet! hahaha.
    i open my etsy app daily too haha YAY
    make sure you link up this post tomorrow so others can see your goodness!


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