Saturday, September 14, 2013

Me, wedding photographer???!

Today I am shooting my first wedding. I am beyond excited. And have butterflies, too. Yes, a little nervous!

I am actually a little nervous before every shoot, unless i know the client very well. But if it's just an acquaintance, or a new type of shoot for me, I get nervous. I am usually fine once i get started, though! :)

But today is the big WEDDING. Eeek! When i got my dslr, I had no dreams whatsoever of becoming a photographer. All i wanted was to take better pictures of the events in my life... you know, birthdays, holidays, vacations. But then i learned to shoot in manual (mostly thanks to Laura!). And then I took a photography class. And then I worked for a photographer (for a very short period, but that's besides the point). And then i did a few little photo shoots. And then i learned a little about editing (also thanks to Laura!). And then people were asking me to do shoots left and right.

And now I just LOVE doing shoots. I am weak in some areas. Newborn shoots are very difficult, and i feel like I need to attend a workshop! Couple shoots are probably my favorite.  It has definitely been, and still is, a learning process. But i LOVE IT. Love it!

Even doing all of these shoots, I never thought I would be asked to do a wedding. NEVER! And i was okay with that; truth be told, i didn't know if i WANTED to do a wedding. They can be scary! But every single shoot has left me wanting to learn more, do more, get better, try something else. And so today, my first wedding. I'm excited! And as ready as I'll ever be! :) 

I know that there are photographers who refuse to do weddings, because of the stress. There have been a few people who have felt the need to tell me how stressful weddings are, and i just want to say - "Yes. I KNOW." But the thing is, i could absolutely LOVE doing weddings. I will never know if i don't try. I turned down a wedding before. But this one seemed like a good "first wedding" for a photographer. It's a small wedding, at a little white chapel. And the couple is super easygoing. It was a no-brainer really. I need the opportunity. Just to see how it goes.

Last weekend, the lady who photographed MY wedding almost 5 years ago, asked me if i would like to be second shooter for a wedding she was shooting! AHHH! Perfect opportunity for me to get in a bit of wedding photography practice before the one today. I am so glad i got a chance to do that before today! Gave me a good feel for it!.

One problem i have had a lot is having too many pictures out of focus. I got some pretty shots when i did this engagement session, but oh, how many pictures that i couldn't use because they were out of focus! They would have been great pictures! That has been my only worry for this wedding. But i figured out WHY i struggle with focus. I have been guilty of using such wide aperature. But now i know what to do; this article helped me a lot. I feel good about today! :)

I just looked at the weather. It's been showing a beautiful today ... until TODAY, of course! Now it's saying RAIN late afternoon until about 7pm. Boo! The ceremony is at 6, but we were going to do pictures outside before & after the ceremony. Ack! I am praying that it does NOT rain. Please, Lord! :) (It's a 50% chance until 6, and then it's a 30% chance.)

I do have a second shooter, and i am excited about that! We have a list of the shots we need, and have discussed the shots I will need her to get, how she can help me during the group photos, etc. I am thrilled to have her work with me today. 

ANYWAY, say a prayer for me today. I am getting to her house at 3:15, getting a few pics of her and her bridesmaids getting ready, and then we'll head to the church! Eek! I am praying to get beautiful pictures that they will cherish a lifetime. Chances are, even if i am proud of the pics today, there will come a day where i cringe at the pics from my first wedding. Haha. But as long as i am happy with what i get today... and as long as the bride & groom are happy... then I will be thrilled!

Since I posted the engagement session on my facebook page, people have been asking me for shoots lately. I didn't do any in August because it was SO HOT, but i welcome more sessions now that it is (almost) fall. Yay!

Okay, gotta run!! :) Happy Saturday! 


  1. This is so exciting! I just know you'll do awesome!

  2. Hey Mel ~
    I love your work....remember,you promised to do my 100 lb shoot! (didn't you?)

  3. Eeek! Can't wait to here how it went!!


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