Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Week & stuff.

Almost time for another weekend. PRAISE!!!

Also, almost October. As in, next week it will be OCTOBER!!! Thankful & excited about this as well. I know i am the 5904004th blogger to say it, but I LOVE FALL. :) It just feels so nice out, and coffee tastes better, and hot food tastes better, and did i mention you aren't sweating in 1.2 seconds of being outside?!

This week has been good.

I'll start with Sunday! Normally i would start with Monday, but i kind of love this picture. So yeah. On Sunday, after church, we had lunch with our good friends Billy & Mandy. We just love them.

Also on Sunday, I did a photo shoot with a family I had never met. They were SO sweet though! Loved them. I took this photo while out. This is the Mississippi River in downtown Baton Rouge.

On Monday, I went to my friend Aimie's house so she could take me to Hobby Lobby & show me what to buy to make a wreath. And then take me back to her house & help me make the wreath. Ha! I'm not real crafty, but i REALLY wanted to make a fall wreath! I had a great time with her, as always, and i LOVE how my wreath turned out!! (Heyyyy, Aim! Thanks again!)

Um, yeah... that sadface is due to the fact that i ran out of ribbon & had to start again! Oops!

The finished product...
kinda blurry & the lighting sucks... but you get the idea. I love it! :)

On Tuesday, I made this meal in the crockpot before i left for work. And it. was. AMAZING. Seriously. You must make it. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. This recipe exceeded my expectations!!
 pin | recipe

On Wednesday, I went to church for Week 4 in the Beth Moore study I'm doing. I seriously fought sleep the whole time. I LOVE Beth Moore. Was just exhausted, i suppose. Oh-well.

Tonight, I came home and watched the season premiere of Law & Order SVU. OMG. So good. So so so good. I LOVE Mariska Hargitay. Best actress on television. But the entire cast is phenominal.

 A screenshot from their instagram. Oh, how i love this duo! But mostly Mariska. Ha!

This weekend I will catch the season premieres of my other two faves, which aired tonight: Grey's Anatomy & Parenthood. SO DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING IF YOU WATCHED THESE! :)

Also, this weekend:
-I will go on a date with my love! Dinner and a movie, tomorrow night!
-I will do a mini photo shoot for my good friend Brittany.... to give her some pics for her business cards. Honored that she asked me.
-I will return to Theatre Baton Rouge after a pretty long haitus... but just to help with the children's Christmas Carol auditions!
-I will continue editing the wedding i did two weeks ago. Yep, still working on that!
-I will have dinner with two of my besties, Sarah & Shana. 
-I will go to church!
-I will do a photo shoot for my friend Erika's two boys.

Brad and i talked today about exercising. As in, it's getting cool out... no excuse... time to get our running shoes on & start walking/running everyday. Also, i told him if i buy one of those weighted balls & a resistance band and some hand weights... we could do some of those things like we did at bootcamp. He is all for it. WOOT!

Happy weekend, y'all!!! :)


  1. Love that first pic of you with your friends!

    And I love the wreath! Turned out great!

  2. How nice that Brad volunteered to exercise with you! I am pretty sure I have only gone on ea walk with my husband once in the 6+ years we have been married. haha FAIL!

  3. girl love the wreathe, the food looks delicious, photo shoots for the win, lunch with friends, more photo shoots, that sunset...GEEZE looks like life is just fabulous! :)

  4. GORGEOUS sunset picture and I love your logo - you are a serious photographer now! (with a logo! :)
    I almost couldn't finish watching SVU... that was a rough one to see Olivia go through that... yikes!

  5. I think your wreath is adorable! I feel like so many bloggers make awesome wreaths for their house and while I want to join in, just haven't yet.

    And that pin looks delicious! Already pinned it and can't wait to make it.

    Finally, have you watch Grey's yet? Absolutely loved it and can't wait to see where this season goes!


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